The Dwarf Cat With The Fluffiest Tail

I have not seen a more beautiful, fluffy and impressive tail than this one. Although I have seen a tail as good on a Maine Coon. Also, this cat, who looks female to me, carries her tail in a very high position right over her back.

In the title I have said that this cat is a dwarf cat. It is hard to tell because the camera angle is very high, right above the cat. However you can see the short legs when she stands on her back legs. Also, dwarf cats are known to be very adept at standing on their hind legs like this. This is because they are vertically challenged and when cats are vertically challenged they try and counteract it by standing on their hind legs. They develop strong back muscles to be able to do this.

I believe that the cat is likely to be a Munchkin, the founding dwarf cat from which all other dwarf breeds originate.

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