The Dyed Pink Cat is Alive and Well says Lena Lenina

This has become another murky cat story with criminal undertones. You may remember the hue and cry within the online media about the Russian woman, Lena Lenina, who dyed her cat pink to be an adornment at a party she threw in which all the humans wore pink as well.

Pink dyedc at is allive and well
Pink dyed cat is alive and well
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Well, she blames the media for getting it all wrong and lying about her. She is outraged. She blames them for not checking with her what the true situation is. If she is not telling a porky you can blame the Russian media for misleading the Daily Mail online and Metro to name two.

She says that the true situation is that her cat is very much alive. Lena posted photographs of her cat on her Instagram account. You can see the pictures above comparing the cats. There has to be a comparison because it would be easy for Lena to use another cat.

This seems proof enough that Lena’s cat really is alive. But I have ask whether this is the same cat. The cat that is a little bit pink looks larger than the cat that was dyed pink by hairdressers. There appears to be more bulk in the cat with most of the pink dye removed. But I can’t be sure. I am simply playing devil’s advocate and guessing.

Lena asserts that the dye is designed to prevent animals licking. How does it do that? I don’t believe her, sorry. And if it does prevent a cat licking it must be pretty awful staff. It also means it is a toxic dye otherwise why try and prevent the cat licking?

For the time being we will presume that her cat is alive, albeit still with some dye in her fur.

In which case we can now criticize her for dying her cat pink in the first place. This is totally inappropriate as we all know and do it to jazz up her party is ridiculous. This is not how to treat a companion animal.

As I said in the opening line, this is a murky world and I’m not wholly convinced that the moment.

My thanks to Ruth for finding the story.

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6 thoughts on “The Dyed Pink Cat is Alive and Well says Lena Lenina”

  1. Is it the same cat? We still don’t know, but the petition to prosecute her, which is in Russian, has almost 50,000 signatures on it. I hope she is prosecuted and has to tell the truth.
    It’s started quite a debate on face book groups, frightening how some people think dyeing their cats for show is acceptable!
    One has dyed her cat’s tail pink and a pink stripe down his back too, she’s adamant it won’t hurt him for all the comments that it’s not only wrong to colour cats but very dangerous too.
    There is no cure for stupidity!

  2. Either way-what proof do we really have kitty is ok ?
    The decision to cover her cat in Toxic dyes was and will always be a wrong decision. It would appear from this latest photo that her cat can no longer focus { See ] very well ?
    When a human applies dye to the facial hair or eye lashes,cats have lashes too” & it can cause blindness. I still feel the same about it__Disgusted.


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