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The Emotional Hurt a Child Can Suffer on the Death of the Family Cat — 6 Comments

  1. The boy didn’t do anything wrong, and certainly nothing to deserve this. This is unthinkable shock and horror that has killed his companion AND inner self, his love of life, which he’ll have to live with the rest of his life. No doubt his collapse was his mind and body saying, “I can no longer live with this.”. I know that kind of shock. That’s the worst torture one could impart upon the tenderest of souls. What a monster that killer is… The absolute worst.

    • No matter how anyone feels about a pet being allowed to wander it does not legitimize someone using them as a target.
      Someone who sees a loose/stray/feral cat as a target is half a step from targeting a child or other vulnerable human being in the same way.

  2. A good lesson for the parents, in how to teach their child to be a responsible pet-owner and impart what being an irresponsible pet-owner causes to their own child. I doubt they’ll learn though. Even you can’t be taught. You’ve proved that with this very article of yours.

    • While we personally never let our pets roam that never excuses the degenerates that look for adults, children or pets to victimize. My experience is if someone lets their pets roam losing one does not change that behavior and in the end it is the animal that suffers the most. I don’t know how the child found out about his pets murder and mutilation but I question the parents for burdening him with the details.

  3. Children struggle with death for a child to have to try and comprehend this is unbearable for the adults around him. It will undoubtedly color his perception of humans for a long time if not the rest of his life. My parents snuck my childhood dog off to euthanize him while I was at school and I still carry resentment. They didn’t even think to bring me his collar. I walked around the garage colleting bits of his hair in a container.
    I hope this monster took the head and kept the heads of all his victims because that would be undeniable truth when they catch him.
    Someone who does this is either already hurting or killing humans or will when the opportunity presents.

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