The Ethos Behind Pictures of Cats Org

The Ethos Behind Pictures of Cats Org

by Michael
(London, UK)

I think that it is useful to reiterate or clarify the ethos behind Pictures of Cats org (PoC), this website. It is, after all, a very important part of the website. The reason why I want to make it clear is because some visitors might see PoC differently from me.

The ethos behind the site is to work towards making the world a better place for the domestic, stray and feral cat. What it can achieve will be small but every little bit helps.

In order to achieve that we must be prepared to state the truth without fear or favour. The truth is hard to come by sometimes but an important underlying element of this site is to address the reality, the truth and to examine it on an international scale as websites are automatically international in scope.

The international element is important as it means that a person from one country will write about a person or certain people from another country. There might be criticism but that is not racism. We must be free to criticise what is wrong and praise what is right.

Where there is wrong doing an attempt should be made to correct it. Where there is good praise should be forthcoming.

But the starting point must be the truth because how else can we decide what to do to improve things? Often people are blind to reality. We are all selective in what we see and digest. Standing back and looking at the big picture objectively is the only way to seek the truth about what is going in the cat world.

Anyone is welcome to submit their point of view and through polite discussion the true reality of what is happening should become clearer.

There are many cat websites. Almost all of them but not this one, look at the world of cats from a limited perspective. They do not address the moral issues, the good and bad but simply describe what is happening. They take a neutral stance and often present a rosier point of view than absolute truth demands.

Talking truthfully about things can be unpleasant and people often don’t want to hear it or simply don’t see it.

But as I personally seek the truth and as it is my website that is the ethos behind Pictures of Cats org.

It cannot be as successful without visitor’s comments and stories. Everyone (equally), including me, has the right to say what is in their heart on this site and that freedom must not be eroded by a fear of being shot down.

If people disagree, that is fine. They can argue their case, make their point – politely but firmly. Through argument, a better understanding of what is truly happening in the cat world can be discovered.

This ethos does not preclude the need to have some fun on PoC and the more the better.

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The Ethos Behind Pictures of Cats Org

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Mar 31, 2010 Honesty
by: Tracey

I too love this site. I love it because of the facinating articles and of course the fact that one can share one’s thoughts without predjudice.

It doesn’t bother me at all if I’m shot down, in fact I welcome it! Because I try to be as honest and well researched as possible I know I can hold my own in a disagreement yet at the same time I’m always prepared to listen to someone who has a valid comment. I might even agree with them!

One thing though at the end of the day as much as I love this site I love the fact even more that the ethos of it is to help cats.

Thank you Michael

Mar 31, 2010 Kathy
by: Michael

Thanks Kathy for your support of PoC and expressing your views. Please stick around. Cats need people like you.

I love your arguing with Daniel on the story about Mountain lions are dangerous creatures.

I forget the detail but I know you argued with what I would consider to be an unpleasant person and in support of the cat.

That is what I love to see. If this site is critical of anything it is people and never cats. How can we criticise what is natural, the instinctive behavior of cats of all types?

Many times I despair and become despondent at the suffering of cats and if people don’t think there is suffering remember the gradual extinction of the wild cats and the mass slaughter of the feral cats and the declawed cats.

People as a whole cannot or must not be comfortable in our relationship with our cat companion while millions of feral cats are euthanised and cats are declawed.

But sadly the vast majority are.

Michael Avatar

Mar 31, 2010 Thank you
by: kathy

Thank You Michael because you surely know that I have been one of those people who have let their feelings be known on your web site. I clearly enjoy all of the contributions and even though I dont always respond to all of them I read every one of them because you never know what you will find on here. I have found lots of knowledge about certain things and have been glad to know that there are people in the world who share my feelings and love of not just the cat but all animals of the world, critters and creatures of the forest. I have voiced my feelings and opinions and even was drawn into a banter with the fellow about the Mountain Lion. I am glad I found you and your friends on here and have spent many days crying at the library over something I read on here. Please dont stop sending me your messeages. I am the proud owner of 3 cats. Lia my big guy whose story is on here is not getting any younger, he is a Bengal and I share about him when I can, Midnight our rescue from Spay and Stay is a long haired solid Black,(whatever), then we have our Savannah Baby Arora. I love this site, Thank You for it.

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