The experts say the tiger wins a tiger vs lion fight

by Raphael

Hey there people, we can debate all day long, but the truth hurts.. for lion fans.

I have emailed various experts, wildlife research institutes, zoos, reserve managers etc.

And their reply are consistent, almost 80 – 85% favor the tiger. With the others mostly saying anyone could win, a handful favors the lion. Please take note, I have over 200 replies including from the following:

Bronx Zoo, Miami Metro Zoo, Valmik Thapar, John Varty, Randy Miller, Predators in Action, Sriracha Tiger Zoo, San Diego Zoo, San Francisco zoo, Singapore Zoo, Central Park Zoo, Tiger Creek sanctuary, Break creek Foundation, Save China’s Tigers,, Craig Packer, Big Cat Rescue, Turpentine Creek Wildlife etc etc… much more, feel free to Google these names, and find their email address and email them. Seriously they all favor the tiger.Let’s have some quotes shall we?

“People always ask me which one is bigger? If a tiger and a lion had a fight, which one would win? Well, I’ve seen tigers crunch up a full-grown leopard tortoise like it was nothing. And lions try, but they just don’t get it right. If there’s a fight, the tiger will win, every time.”John Varty, filmmaker.

“While we would much prefer that people focus their thoughts on saving these magnificent animals than on who would win if a lion and tiger fight, the power of these two largest cats seems to raise this question in people’s minds. While it would depend on the size, age and aggressiveness of the specific animals involved, generally tigers have a significant advantage”Big Cat Rescue (Source)

Are tigers stronger than lions? And if they fight, who will win?

Recent research indicates that the tiger is indeed stronger than the lion in terms of physical strength. Lions hunts in prides, so it would be in a group and the tigers as a solitary creature so it would be on its own. A Tiger is generally physically larger than a Lion. Most Experts would favour a Siberian and Bengal Tiger over an African Lion. – Save China’s Tigers

National Geographic also favors the tiger:

Bite force charts, stamina charts, strength, hrr chart…from various institutes all favor tiger as the stronger and the more athletic feline.

You are pitting a larger, stronger, faster, feline with longer canines (along with higher bite force) and larger paws and claws against a smaller, weaker cat.

This is not even debate.


The experts say the tiger wins a tiger vs lion fight to Lion vs Tiger

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The experts say the tiger wins a tiger vs lion fight

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Feb 27, 2012
More Bullshit!!! NEW
by: Anonymous

Nice try wiki noob…
1.Bronx zoo said that because they had experince of an incident of a tiger killing a lion, so dont go quoting any other zoo’s or sanqtuary’s unless you know the back story.

2.Craig parker is one of the best, but you failed to realized that he often switch’es sides an say lions win. I aint gonna take a opinion from a guy who says the mane is only for mating right’s an aint battling amongs ranks for lions purposes, when every other animal expert in the world says it is.

3.John varty is just like you “BIAS” nice getting that quote from wiki, when in fact on youtube lions open turtle shells all day every day, theres over 4 videos of them doing somthing that john varty says they cant, because of weak jaw power. When these videos on you tube are of teen an young lions under 2 years old XD.

An I call Bull shit!!! post them all, so I can have a chat with your over exaggerted 200 animal expert’s.

Feb 27, 2012
Bullshit!!! NEW
by: Anonymous

You must be a complete fool, to think that there is even a majority for tigers, when they are solitary and prides contradicts that 100% from small prides of 2 males, 10 females to numbers as big as 28 in a single pride. In a pit fight anything is up for grabs male vs male 1 on 1 its 50/50 because they are more idenditcal in more ways that they are not an in an awesome way, nature has gave leverage to both, yet leaving them equals. Like an average 80 pounds hevier weight for the tiger and a battle protecting mane for the lion.

Its the same way to enphinsize, that a white man on average can beat up a black man or vice versa… theres no way, in telling whats the average amount would be. It only depends on individuality of the lion or tiger if its 1 on 1 but by natures standards, with out man intervention the only way cheetahs an leopards co-existed with lions an survived that long, is because they go by the golden rule, if confronted by a lion they run, A tiger is a very proud animal an although he might win a few fights hear an there, same if it was a lone lion winning against another lone lion, the tiger would get riped to shreds via pride.

Animals dont live by the rule 1 on 1 its a human concept, they go by, only the strong survive. Thats why threw evolution they grouped up to form prides in africa, because unlike the tiger’s area of habitat, they dont have 10s of thousands of herds that migrates yearly, which have high hatred for predators off springs, who kill cubs more than the other away around on migration terms. So prides were formed an has succsesfully taken down even the worlds mightiest an largest animal, the bull elphant, along with any and every other animal in africa. Threw tactical battle like king leonidus used the hot gates as leverage in there superior fighting capabilities, same as lions do with there prides.

Tigers an lions co-exist in india, but asian’s have pretty much eradictaed all asiatic lions, to near extinctions threw poachings and a few religous reasons as well, giving the tiger a better success rate in survival amoungs lions.

1.Gieniuss books/Animal facts, Lion named Nero killed Tim the tiger in an australian zoo.(Documantry)
2.1936 Agartala zoo in bengal, a lion kills a tiger.(Local news report)
3.1935 Sikestonians saw a lion kill a tiger in a local town circus act.(Documentry)
4.1934 2 tigers died, In the movie devil tiger from a lion-(Video)
5.1955 oct, 6 Natrual history society, Page 465-468, 3 seperate accounts lion won all 3.(Documentry)
6.1981 Martin. L Albert witnessed a lion kill a tiger.(Documentry)
7.1954 Lion kills tiger with one blow in boltimore zoo.(Documantry)
8.1935 In the town Bedford masachusetts a Zoo lost a tiger to a lion.(Local news)
9.Gir foreset 3 tigers vs 3 lions, all lions won. (Video) -Youtube-
10.2011 Korea two teen lions killed a adult Bengal tiger in an encloser.(Video)- Youtube-

Jul 05, 2011
тигр победил тигр против льва бороться
by: Anonymous

Лев изначально и всегда находится в проигрышном положении. Во первых размер – тигр немного крупнее, а у кошек это важно. Во вторых характер: лев ничего не боится в отличии от тигра и при этом не стремится убивать, в то время как тигр сразу стремится убить, либо нанести максимальный вред. То есть лев всегда авансом дает много шансов тигру. В третьих львы не умеют убивать и им каждый раз в природе приходится этому учиться. А что говорить о тех которые родились в неволе ? Тигр в этом плане примитивный хищник типа хорек, который с рождения стремится к убийству и может это легко делать, чтобы выжить и спасти собственную жизнь. Про льва редко говорят что он настоящий убийца. Но когда мы встречаемся со львом который убивает тигра, то скорее всего он это может повторять каждый раз. То есть чтобы победить тигра льву надо быть либо диким, как тигр, либо умным и где-то набраться опыта и знаний.
Насколько мне известно во времена Рима берберийский лев был самой крупной кошкой на Земле и его схватки с тиграми не представляли большого интереса. Поэтому самыми замечательными являлись схватки с медведями. Медведь действительно страшный зверь, обладающий силой и выносливостью которой нет ни у одной кошки, и намного превосходящий размерами любую кошку.
Поэтому для римлян все тигры были как бы на одно лицо, в то время как львы были разными и среди них попадались такие которые сражались на арене годами с самыми опасными и сильными дикими животными, и заслужили чтобы именно им ставили памятники.

Feb 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

i understand what you are saying and yest taking in consideration tha facts that you outline
the Tiger should Win, But that’s not guaranteed
it depends on the two animals fighting

Say for exaple for Humans

Short skinny guys have beaten Tall Heavy guys
it’s never guaranteed thet the Tall guy wins ALL THE TIME

and remember that only the Siberial niger is larger than the lion, how about all the other smaller Tigers, would they all lose to Lions

This can’t be determined!!

Sep 01, 2010
by: Michael

Thanks for a great post and taking the time to share.

I think your arguments are better than mine! And I am pleased that you come to the same conclusion as me.

Michael Avatar

14 thoughts on “The experts say the tiger wins a tiger vs lion fight”

  1. So it looks as if the scalable height for a big tiger could easily be around 20 ft.

    August 28, 2010 Miami, FL: Visitors to Miami’s Jungle Island stampeded over each other to avoid an escaped, 3 yr old, 500 lb. tiger named Mahesh. A monkey escaped while being transported through the zoo and 500 lb. Mahesh bounded over the 14-foot fence into the public area according to the Miami Herald. The attraction’s three big cats — which include a liger and a white tiger — have been confined to a “night kennel,” while the park investigates. “We were really scared. There were people crying,” Miami mom Dorothy Evans told the Herald, adding that people knocked each other down as they sprinted toward the shelter. “People were running for their lives,” Larry Rhodes, 46, of Pompano Beach, told the Sun Sentinel. Miami Fire Rescue Lt. Ignatius Carroll told the Herald that several people were injured while running, including a mother who fell on top of her 15-month old baby. Another guest was taken to a Miami hospital after suffering a panic attack. Bhagavan (Kevin) Antle, who also owns T.I.G.E.R.S. in Myrtle Beach, SC and who is the owner of Mahesh, was charged with one count of maintaining captive wildlife in an unsafe condition, resulting in threats to public safety. Park owner Bern M. Levine was charged with two second-degree misdemeanors for conditions resulting in the animals’ escape. The charges for both men have a maximum penalty of $500, FWC officer Pino said. Video

  2. I remember visiting the Lahore Zoo about 7-8 years back and the minute I entered the main gate of the Zoo, I heard the lion roar and the roar was soo loud that I thought that the lion had somehow got out and I stopped my wife from going further.

    The Lion enclosure is about 800 metres from the main gate and still the roar felt as if the lion was just 50 metres away from me.

    By the way I haven’t as yet heard the tigers roar.

  3. No I am not westernized at all. And keeping beards is certainly not a sign of masculinity, it is indicated by religion basically. Here where I am staying, people keep mustache and consider it a sign of masculinity, even the women prefer it.

    My mother was taught by nuns in Saint Joseph Convent where she completed her senior Cambridge before marrying to my father.I am talking about late 1930’s and 40’s.

    So in a way you just could say that I am a bit westernized because of my mother who had very broad views on everything and she taught us to respect our own wishes and developed in us tolerance for everything and also taught us not to follow anything blindly and to use good common sense.

    I also have a mustache even though I would very much prefer to be without it. by the way it is not for attracting females as I am married with kids also.

    But I really don’t know whats going on. Where I lived for 25 years before coming to Lahore (in Karachi population around 10 million ) people did not prefer either beards or mustaches, and even the women did not prefer the mustache. But in Lahore (population around 16 million) everyone does. So I have kept one too even though I look horrible in it, as they say “when in Rome…….

    Coming back to the topic, where tigers are concerned, I remember reading in the net that a tiger had jumped over an electrified fence 15 ft tall and killed and seriously injured some persons.

    So I think that the minimum height should be at least 25 ft (if not electrified) and constructed of such a material which does not lend support to either claws or the pads of the tiger.

    I went to the Zoo in Lahore, and the same case was noticeable there too. I mean here not the height of their enclosure which was fine but that that the lions were well fed and resting with swollen stomach’s and the tigers looked mean and hungry prowling around their cages and with empty hanging stomach’s. The look in their eyes when they looked at you is enough to give you shivers. It is very clear that they are looking at you the same way a hungry person may look at roast beef

    So basically to sum it all up I would say that the tigers are suffering from near starvation here in Pakistan while the lions are well fed and content, but the poor tigers pass their time with half empty bellies.

    I wonder if WWF can do anything about it. But they will have to visit both the Safari Park and our Lahore Zoo first ( the Lahore Zoo incidentally is the largest in South Asia).

    At near the end of december, I plan to visit the zoo with my family and then I will post here the pictures of both tigers and the lions and then you can judge too.


    • Hi Sethi, thanks for the response. You write as if you have lived in England for a good number of years. I don’t like to think of tigers being starved in zoos. I wonder if they keep them half starved to make them look more mean and therefore a better attraction for zoo visitors. Whatever the reason, I hate it – the whole thing.

      It would be very interesting to see photos. In fact, any photos of any cats, domestic, stray, feral or wild, in Pakistan would be good because I like to explore places and see the cats of those places other than Europe and America.

      By the way I went to Lahore in 1971 on a bus! I was passing through on the way to Sri Lanka. I was one of the bus drivers.

  4. Tigers can jump 15 ft.

    Where alqaida is concerned, they may be found in the extreme northern parts of Pakistan (bordering Afghanistan), but not in the main cities.

    But you can’t distinguish between them and the local people because all of them keep beards.

    Where beards are concerned, I would like to keep one (french type) or small beard, but my beard is nearly all white and this would result in people calling my “uncle”. Whenever I shave, I develop barber blisters in about 2 hours (small pus type pimples).

    Right now I am using a fine electric trimmer.But I did at one time keep a beard but I got tired of scratching (as it was itching a lot).

    In our Safari Park, the tigers look lean and hungry while the lions look fat and well fed. So they are differentiating between the carnivores, something which they shouldn’t.

    The tiger is more regal than the lion.

    • That makes a 16 foot fence unsafe! I may have got that wrong or perhaps there was some other structure near the fence that the tiger jumped on first. Personally, I’d get rid of all zoos and create well managed reserves that were much larger than the existing ones. But there is no space for them. Too many people.

      As you know beards are rare in the West. In the UK certainly. I guess they like beards in Pakistan as it is a sign of masculinity. Sethi, it seems you are Westernised. You must have lived in the West at some stage.

    • Thanks Sethi for the link. The picture you refer to that is next to your comment is an avatar that was created for you. You have probably used it somewhere like Google+ and it has somehow been incorporated as what is called a “gravatar”.

      Hope you are OK in Pakistan. In the West we hear lots of bad things about Pakistan. I am sure not all of it is true. What is it like for domestic cats in Pakistan?

      I drove through Pakistan in 1971. I am sure it has changed.

      • Thanks I’m fine. Nothing much happens here in Pakistan. The bad things are usually confined to specific areas, and obviously people don’t go to such areas (slum areas).

        Where I am working, we were just visited by a delegation from WWF who commented upon the same thing, and as he had toured nearly the whole city (main areas) and was surprised as he didn’t see anything of the like.

        So usually problems are caused by foreign agents working for different agendas.

        There are about 3 persons who own lions here in the city, one person does it for his own interest, and the other two for show purpose.

        Tigers do not enjoy much popularity here in Pakistan, because of the old adage “the lion is the king of the jungle”.

        We have got some seriously big tigers in the Safari Park in Lahore, and you can match their size with the lions also available here.

        About 1 year back I had visited the Safari Park and there was an enclosure, the height of which was just 12 ft from the ground and 2 boys were teasing the tigers ( a white tiger and a bengal), would you believe that my blood “froze” when I gazed upwards and found the height to be just around 11-12 ft? I bundled my family as urgently as I could and left that area.

        I warned the boys but as they didn’t pay any heed to my warning (plus they also looked like local toughs ) I just left them to their luck, but I hightailed from that area.

        I know for sure that a 12 ft high enclosure is not much of a problem for a tiger (maybe for a lion but not a tiger).


        • Hi Sethi, yes, there was a case about a year ago of a tiger jumping a 12 foot zoo fence. I think 15 feet is the legal requirement in the US but that is from memory and I could be wrong. Tigers are awesome jumpers and more athletic than lions.

          As I expected there is a lot of hype in the Western press about Pakistan. We get the impression it is the wild west and lawless with large areas governed by Al Qaeda.

  5. Hello,

    There are some facts which cannot be changed.

    1.Lions are taller compared to tigers 4 ft at shoulder.
    2.Tigers are longer than lions.
    3.Tigers forearms are thickers than lions (which also translates to clobbering power).
    4. Tigers in a fight can easily jump over the lion, no problem especially due to their hind quarters being bigger than the lion’s.

    Now I would call a fair fight in which both the opponents are of nearly equal weight. In most of the fights the tiger is usually the smaller one.

    The tigress is especially small due to sexual dimorphism in this species, so comparing fights of lions with tigress is a bit silly.

    As far as the bear goes, it has the most bone density compared to other animals and I saw a normal sized bear trying to be tranquilized and he easily swatted (love swat) the rod and be broke it.

    Tigers are no fools to tackle bears weighing 800-1200 pounds and they usually go for lighter sized adversaries.
    A kodiak in this weight range would make short work of either lions or tigers and will kill them just by swatting them .

    Now lions are always ready to fight not caring about anything else but tigers as they don’t live in groups, mostly avoid fights (but not when it comes to mating time). A wounded tiger will most certainly die but not so with the lion.

    So it is basically difficult to compare tigers with lions. But pound for pound, the tiger is stronger, has more jumping ability, trees are no obstacle (I saw a tv show on animal planet where a lioness has gone up a tree to save her cub, the cub got down okay but she died on a limb trying to get down), and ponds and rivers are not obstacles for him as he can attack canoers even in the water.

    • Thanks a lot for taking the time to put your point of view. Great comment Sethi. Stick around. Are you in India? If you please write some more for PoC. I love to hear from people who live in Asia.

      • Hello Michael, nice talking with you.

        No I am in Pakistan. How did my picture get up there? I didn’t attach it?

        I have been following lions and tigers all my life (on tv and internet), and the internet has been a big help to me in this regard.

        You can see lots of clips on youtube also.

        I am not sure why people are biased towards lions. Tigers are clearly the stronger feline.



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