The Face Of A Cat Abuser

I wonder sometimes whether we can learn something by looking at the face of a cat abuser. Is there something in their face that is common to them all? Do they have the same character flaws? This cat abuser is David Hunter Todd, of Edmond, Oklahoma. After an initial denial, he has admitted that he had abused his cat, Luna. Luna was seriously ill when rescued and is now recovering and will be rehomed.

A cat abuser
The face of a cat abuser
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Todd said he “snapped” before torturing his cat. He also told investigators, “I just get frustrated and I take it personally and I know it’s not personal.”

What does he mean by that bizarre statement? Perhaps he was requesting Luna to do something as you would a person and she did not comply and this went on and he “snapped” and physically assaulted her. What might be causing him to become frustrated? Was he trying to train Luna and failed to make progress? We don’t know but it seems certain that he wanted Luna to do something and she would not.

Frustration is not the motivation behind this abuse. It may have been the catalyst. The reason is in Todd’s head. It is probably anger, depression and failure to cope. He took it out on this cat because she was there. There is no other reason. Cats are perfect targets.

Todd looks ill-kempt. He looks messy. His hair looks dirty. He is young and foolish. He is possibly a loner and has dark thoughts. I am using my imagination and am quite possibly wrong and prejudiced but I want to try and get into the head of a cat abuser. Perhaps I am stereotyping him. I can visualise a messy home, chaotic. The failure to manage and cope.

Luna, an abused cat

Todd was seen torturing his cat in full view of two people, one of whom reported him to the police. The fact that he did not care about being seen indicates a lack of values. He appears not to care whether he is caught or not.

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6 thoughts on “The Face Of A Cat Abuser”

  1. The eyes have it. I’ve seen that same strange look in the eyes of otherwise sweet-faced little kids who were busily engaged in stoning a kitten to death in my old neighborhood years ago. When I stopped the festivities I was soundly cussed out because I cheated them out of their fun, but I will never forget that look.

    1. I think there is something in the look. It is “I don’t give a damn” look. It is an anti-social look.

  2. Sandra Murphey, No. CA, USA

    The eyes are the “windows of the soul”. These eyes have a sadness that go beyond the messy look. He may very well be depressed, and lack coping skills. The cat’s behavior triggered an uncontrolled reaction of anger….perhaps even repressed rage. The poor cat was an easy target, as children are, in similar situations.

    If we were to look at faces of intentional abusers, I think we would see different eyes. Studying micro-expressions is a bit of a hobby with me.

    1. I think you have nailed it Sandy in your words. There is certainly a pile of anger in that head even the though the exterior is passively dead.

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