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The Face Of A Cat Abuser — 6 Comments

  1. The eyes have it. I’ve seen that same strange look in the eyes of otherwise sweet-faced little kids who were busily engaged in stoning a kitten to death in my old neighborhood years ago. When I stopped the festivities I was soundly cussed out because I cheated them out of their fun, but I will never forget that look.

    • I think there is something in the look. It is “I don’t give a damn” look. It is an anti-social look.

  2. The eyes are the “windows of the soul”. These eyes have a sadness that go beyond the messy look. He may very well be depressed, and lack coping skills. The cat’s behavior triggered an uncontrolled reaction of anger….perhaps even repressed rage. The poor cat was an easy target, as children are, in similar situations.

    If we were to look at faces of intentional abusers, I think we would see different eyes. Studying micro-expressions is a bit of a hobby with me.

    • I think you have nailed it Sandy in your words. There is certainly a pile of anger in that head even the though the exterior is passively dead.

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