The face of a cat kicker (don’t worry I am not showing the video)

This guy has turned himself in because the police were looking for him. He’s the guy who was filmed kicking a cat in a parking lot. Kicking stray cats is not that uncommon sadly and neither is videoing it which is equally sad and bad. It’s the video which got him. It was shared widely on social media – fame for the criminal but it’s a but dumb because it is good evidence and you’re more likely to get caught.

A cat kicker
Police photo with words added.
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In my experience of surfing the internet for years when searching for cat news, the profile of the person who likes to abuse stray cats on video is a young male in his early twenties. He can be black or white. It’s about even on that score with perhaps I slight trend towards black men being more likely to do this.

I won’t show the video. There’s no need to. It’s too unpleasant. But we need to see the face of a self-confessed cat kicker. I need to try an understand what is going in between the ears if anything at all.

He’s been charged with a misdemeanour crime of animal cruelty. The guy who filmed him has not been found as far as I know and neither has the poor cat. We have no idea how badly he/she was injured. This is also normal. Sadly we often don’t know what happened to the victim of these sorts of crime: the cat. I guess they are second class citizens.

Note: There were two guys in this crime: the kicker and the video maker. The news media e.g. say that the guy in the photo is the ‘cat kicker’ and not the video maker. I have taken that on face value. The scene of the crime was Atlanta, Georgia, USA as far as I know.

5 thoughts on “The face of a cat kicker (don’t worry I am not showing the video)”

  1. Michael, it is sad that there are so many pee-poles in the world who believe that they are doing everyone else a favor by spewing their ignorance. It is really sad.

  2. That’s odd. The rest of the world is trying to understand what is going on between the ears of every cat lover that wants their cats to be ran over by cars, drink drained antifreeze in a neighbor’s garage, or kicked by someone who doesn’t value their community vermin cats like they do.

    There is a sad sad disconnect between the ears of cat lovers that throw their cats under the wheels of cars. Their actions speak far far louder than any of their words. They love cats like Ted Bundy loved women.

    • “There is a sad sad disconnect between the ears of cat lovers that throw their cats under the wheels of cars. “

      I guess you are defending the cat kicker. Great. That makes you as bad as him in my book. Go away, I don’t like people such as you hanging around the site.

      I have never seen a cat owner walk into the street, grab their cat and threw him under the first car than comes along. Have you?

      • Why do you put words in my mouth? I am not defending the cat-kicker. I’m only exposing why that cat got kicked in the very first place. From criminally negligent cat-owners that let their cats roam free and don’t care one bit what happens to their 100% expendable cat or any other animals on earth from what their cat does to them. You have made it quite clear that cat-lovers don’t care one bit about any other lives on earth, even their own cats. The term “cat lover” is an oxymoron of major proportions. You alone have proved that without any doubt.

        You don’t love cats at all. Anyone reading your blogs can clearly discern this about you. You just exploit cats for your own attention and financial gains. I guess you didn’t realize that you are this transparent.


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