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The face of heartbreak: Cat at NC shelter may only have a few days to find a new home — 25 Comments

  1. Hercules is scheduled to be picked up Wednesday.
    He will travel to Baltimore to his forever home. Paws crossed there will be no glitches. Will update when he’s is out of the building.

      • Yes, Michael! I think his expression has touched many. The woman from MD, Lisa, filled out the application form first thing this morning and now is just waiting approval. There are others showing interest as well. I hope Lisa is approved. She’s been the first willing to save his life. And, drive a distance to do so! 😘😇😻

        • The files were huge! 3 megabytes. They still uploaded which is good because I have included them in the updating article. Thanks a lot for sharing the news.

          • Oh my!! So sorry, Michael!! I think I can send smaller, next time. I’m abit of a dolt when it comes to photo files sizes! 😩🔨

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  2. We are praying HARD for Hercules, and all the homeless out there… Please God, please…. Save Hercules, and give him his furever home, with a loving family for him.. Please God.. please… *sigh* .. Sharing this,.. *sigh*.. i know a couple people that live in N.C. Please God, please Save Hercules.. please..!!

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