The feral kittens who live in a tree

This is cute and a little sad. But they are being fed by local residents. Three black, feral kittens are living in the hollow of a tree in suburbia surrounded by human activity. The tree truck is hollow for a good percentage of its length which allows the kittens to hide deep inside it, preventing their ‘rescue’. I am not sure that they need rescuing (actually they do). In one of the photos you can see the fire service trying to capture them without success.

Feral kittens living in a tree

Feral kittens living in a tree

A local lady, Jan Munn, puts food out for them. It seems that the senior citizens of the area, Villa Maria, also put out food. They scramble down the tree at night, I am guessing, to eat and then return to the security of their tree den.

Firefighters try and rescue the kittens

Firefighters try and rescue the kittens

The kittens appear to be weaned. The mother has not been seen lately. I think they should be rescued, TNRed and domesticated. I think it is possible to achieve that. I am sure most if not all visitors would agree with that. And I’d hope that with all the publicity enough people will come forward to adopt them so they can live in a proper home with central heating!

This is the first time I have seen feral cats living in a tree. A perfect place to live as it is secure and away from predators. Domestic and feral cats are able to adapt to be tree-dwelling animals because of their innate climbing skills. Some wild cats are tree-dwelling. You can read about them here.

I believe the place where this story unfolded in South Mississippi. Source:

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