The Fishy Cat Bed: Less is Often More

I buy most of our kitties’ food and supplies via the Internet. And when supplies are low I am always anxiously waiting for their delivery. So I am always relieved when I see a bunch of packages arriving at my front door. Since this online pet store promises two day shipping, it’s really no surprise when their prompt delivery arrives. This said, however, when I get a package that’s not expected, I usually anticipate it to be a pleasant surprise. Just recently I had the opportunity to receive such a pleasant surprise; an unexpected gift from a friend.

Oriental Shorthairs in bed together

Photo by Jo Singer

The other day when the postman knocked on the door carrying a box addressed to me, I was first a bit bewildered since I hadn’t ordered anything. The package piqued my interest since it was wrapped in plain brown paper with a familiar return address. I started wondering what this mysterious package contained.

Impatiently, I tore open the wrappings and cut the tape holding the package together. Inside the box was something that felt like soft bedding. It was covered by a material with a little fish design. On the top of the item was a shiny silver metallic lid.

Wondering what in the world it was, I hastily pulled the item out of the box. Lo and behold it was a very small cat bed made to look like a can of tuna fish. I put it on the floor and grabbed Dr. Hush Puppy off the couch to give him a look at it.

It would be a huge understatement to say that Puppy was curious. He sniffed and pawed at it incessently for a couple of minutes, then put his head inside it and slithered in. He turned around inside it and within minutes snuggled in for a nap.

Sir Hubble Pinkerton, who had also been napping on the couch began to watch the action from his comfortable perch. He became more and more interested in this unfamiliar object and immediately leapt off the couch. To get a closer look he stuck his head inside it, then decided to get into the bed to investigate it more carefully. He slowly put one paw in it and then the other, his back legs and then squeezed in his entire body.

But since the bed was extremely small the moment Hubble got in Puppy was rudely awakened. Unhappy with the situation, Hush Puppy quickly squiggled out wearing an annoyed expression on his face. But when Hush Puppy saw Hubble settling in for a snooze, not to be outdone by his “younger” brother, he managed to squeeze himself back into the bed requiring him to shove his brother into the back of the bed as far as possible.

To tell the truth I was totally surprised and a even a bit shocked after I saw them sharing this very small space at the same time. But were they really comfortable? Since they had entwined themselves into a large kitty ball without any squabbles and then to quickly fall asleep; I imagine they were.

Do you think your cats would have reacted in a similar way? Tell us in a comment.



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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 74-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare. If you want to read more click here.

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17 Responses

  1. kylee says:

    well my cats sleep anywhere and everywhere. Jasmine likes her basket but loves also to snuggle up close to me if thats in a ball and if i roll over in bed she rolls back to the side im sleeping in. The others mostly sleep on my bed or on other areas in the house. They not too fussed with beds but love the sheepskin usually wherever its comfortable and warm

  2. Jo Singer says:

    That’s a great point, Amy.

    I am gonna try that again!

    Thanks for reminding us!

  3. Amy says:

    I know I have seen some where probably from Jo in past articles. It said if your cat/dog have too many toys/beds you should pick up just about all of them. Once they have disappeared for a while pick up this set toy/beds and put them away. Bring out another set of them and repeat this like every 3 months or so. This keeps them stimulated and curious all the time. I have tried this and it seems to work.

  4. Rani Merens says:

    Both of my kitties ignore cat-beds but like boxes and suitcases, so perhaps they would have explored the tuna-bed. But they don’t curl up and sleep together ever.

  5. Reno says:

    Very cute story, Jo. While a couple of my cats might snuggle together, most prefer their own space. I have had cats and dogs snuggle together as well. In fact, when Magic (blind Collie) was so sick and required a “hospital” crate in our bedroom (so he could get his IV fluids/meds without the stress of the vet), Esther (black kitty) would go in the crate and snuggle with him. I firmly believe that she helped to make him well. 🙂

  6. Jo Singer says:

    LOL Michael,

    Sadly to say, once the “newness” wore off, the cats are paying absolutely no attention to the bed at all. I think I will have to move it to another location to infuse it with “newness” again.

    They may have forgotten it existed, in its present location. I am bummed out. They looked so sweet and peaceful hanging out in that bed..

  7. Elizabeth Ann Scarborough says:

    They must have thought there was real tuna in there that would come out in their dreams! What a fun present, especially since your furballs liked it so much.

  8. anniegoose says:

    my cats would have sniffed it then ignored it.

    your cats are soooo adorable in that bed.

    • My cats (past and present) are like yours. Sniffed it and ignored it. More money wasted! More stuff in the home, unused! I am reluctant to buy cat products because I don’t know if my cat will like it and use it.

  9. Dee (Florida) says:

    That’s so sweet that they share that bed.
    I think it would become a “potty” here.

  10. Dee (Florida) says:

    I used to be a Wag fan too until their prices went through the roof.

  11. jmuhj says:

    Those muzzles are priceles <3 <3
    That's an adorable bed! and no, I'm not at all surprised they squeezed into it together. It may resemble a tuna-fish can, but cats can pile into it like sardines 😉 and since most cats love small, protected spaces and warmth, it's a PURRfect match!

  12. Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

    I love your photo Jo, your boyz look so content!
    Walt and Jozef are like Michael’s Charlie and very suspicious of anything new, Walt doesn’t ‘do’ cat beds at all and Jo likes his old ones. If we buy him a new one it usually ends up at one of the local rescues, at least they appreciate them lol

  13. Iniki says:

    This bed would have been a hit here too. The cats always sleep in a pile, especially when the weather is cool. They jockey for position and there is a bit of kicking and squirming until they are settled and then they nap away in total bliss.

  14. Jo Singer says:


    No special scent in the bed to attract them. I just think it was comfy and so easy in which to cuddle:) I do agree with you that is gave them a sense of security!

    What’s really funny about the boyz is that sometimes they are joined at the hip and then for no apparent reason start fighting! I just can’t ever figure out why this happens. LOL – It can get somewhat noisy at times too.

    • It sounds like their friendship somewhat mimics a close human friendship. Where there is emotion there will arguments – bust ups. You don’t argue with your husband do you? 😉

  15. Firstly, I am surprised that they both liked this bed so quickly. It was brand-new and they jumped into it. My experiences are that I can waste money buying beds such as this because my cat won’t like it or is unlikely to jump into it so quickly.

    Is there something impregnated into this bed that makes it attractive from the point of view of smell?

    Secondly, it is an interesting thought that domestic cats like compact beds. It may be because they like the support from the side of the bed and it gives a sense of protection and security.

    I also like the way both of your cats sleep close together in the bed. Cats do sometimes like to be in close contact. Whenever cats are v.friendly with each other they like to sleep in close contact with each other. This desire does not seem to wane with age unlike for people 😉

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