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The Four Most Common Injuries That Your Feline Friend May Face — 2 Comments

  1. I had cat (Buddy) who (I heard behind me) followed me up an aluminum ladder to our roof. I heard the rattling of the ladder and one “Meow”. I rushed back and what I saw absolutely astonished and shocked me. Buddy was hanging from the top of the ladder by one rear toe! Just hanging there looking at the ground, then at me… I flew into action and quickly grabbed him forward of the shoulders to hold his weight up (talking to him to keep him calm, as if he needed it), as I extricated that lone toe claw from where it was caught. Had he panicked and thrashed, I think he would have lost it, but he did not suffer the slightest injury. I mean I checked – he was fine, but I wasn’t. Yes, from that day on I clipped any long nail from any of my cats… you never know what kind of mischief they might happen into. I have to say he was quite a character – he simply trusted me to get him out of that weird predicament. Amazing.

  2. I trim Mitzy’s nails for two reasons: 1) so she doesn’t dig into my flesh when kneading on my arm. Ouch!

    2) As a polydactal, she has more claws than the average cat, and they get hung up on a blanket or fabric. Also, they seem more likely to curve under, and into the pad. That happened with Mitzy’s mom, and she had to have surgery.

    It’s never a pleasant task for either of us, but we’re both patient, and it doesn’t have to get done in one sitting. I just trim the sharp tips with regular nail clippers. It’s easier than using pet nail trimmers. And they’re smaller, so she doesn’t see them coming!

    She just recovered from an insect bite in the ear. I didn’t take her to the vet, but used Neosporin, and Cortisone ointment for the itching.

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