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The Fox Purrs Like a Cat — 5 Comments

  1. Very nicely done film. I’ve seen a number of videos of people who’ve taken to foxes and they are all the same; showing that the fox can be tamed easily and is such a docile, loyal and an adorable creature. I’d love to take care of one.

  2. I loved the video Micheal and I can’t think either why some people are scared of foxes don’t hurt them and they won’t hurt you.

  3. What a lovely house and grounds!
    Foxes are very like dogs once tamed as can be seen in that lovely video, so how come many fox hunters care about their dogs (or do they care really?) yet they enjoy seeing those dogs pursue a fox, very like a dog, to exhaustion then rip him to bits!
    Yes foxes are wild animals and best left in the wild if at all possible, they have a place in the scheme of things and Nature should be allowed to take care of their numbers and survival of the fittest naturally, just as with all wild animals and birds.
    Again it’s a case of people having the power to take innocent animals lives!
    Those wanting the hunting law here repealed are sick in the mind, I don’t know how any human being could be so cruel and bloodthirsty and desperate to be able to overturn a law that consigned their ‘sport’ to the history books.

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