The French Cat Competition

The French Cat Competition

by Michael

The French Cat by Rachael McKenna

The French Cat by Rachael McKenna

I lived in France once. The years were 1978-80. The place was Paris. I even worked there. Apparently cat are not allowed on the streets of Paris. Is this correct?

Anyway, I would like to introduce to you a wonderful photo book on the cats of France. It is called "The French Cat". The author is Rachael McKenna.

The book retails on Amazon for £12.74 in the UK and $18.49 in the USA. The cover is different in the USA edition.

This is a book for Francophiles and cat lovers. For me the book is about the luminous nature of the French light falling upon a landscape that many of us like so much, and all of it is highlighted with the presence of beautiful French cats.

The facades of French houses are weathered so beautifully you almost feel that they were built that way.

If you combine those textured facades of soft colours with elegant interiors and the French cat, the result is a book of wonderfully evocative photographs.

There are all kinds of cats. You will see a couple of Chartreux purebred cats (well I think they are) in a garden, tabby and whites, ginger and whites, calicos, Siamese and tuxedo cats. All look completely at home in these elegant surroundings. You have elegance superimposed on elegance!

The domestic cat is a very elegant creature. And the French landscape both urban and countryside is certainly that.

I have three copies of this book to give away. With Christmas coming up it would make a nice gift to someone who likes France and cats. There are lots of us.

The first three visitors to answer the following questions correctly will be sent a copy. Please leave your email address so that I can communicate with the winners to arrange delivery. There is no charge whatsoever to the participants.

Competition closes 5th November 2011. Anyone can enter from any country.

Good luck!


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The French Cat Competition

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Nov 09, 2011
by: Michae

There are two winners, Andreas in Germany and Brandy in Canada.

The books are in the post and should be with you shortly.

We have communicated by email as well.

Well done.


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