The Frozen 12: A dozen cats found abandoned in a crate in a snowy field in Virginia

According to a December 13 report by WSET13 News, a dozen cats and kittens were found in a crate in a snowy field Wednesday night in Campbell County, Virginia.

Kittens abandoned (Friends of Campbell Co. Animal Control)
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Animal Control for the county received the call about an oversized wire crate filled with cats and kittens in distress who were abandoned on Red Oak School Road. Following their rescue, the kittens were taken to Campbell County Animal Control where they’ve been named ‘The Frozen 12.’

Officer Labryer with Animal Control assessed the cats and said four six-week-old kittens were laying in the snow not moving after escaping through the wires. Another four adult cats and two younger cats were found soaking wet and shivering in the crate.

The Campbell County Animal Shelter reached out for volunteers to meet at the shelter with hot water bottles and towels along with warm blankets.

Within hours it was determined the cats would likely survive. A volunteer took the four smallest kittens home for the night while the older cats were set up with warm cages, food, water, blankets and litter boxes. The shelter reported all of the cats are doing well.

the tiniest kitten was lifeless when found

The cats will be held for the mandatory seven days after which they’ll be available for adoption.

Anyone with knowledge of the person responsible for abandoning the cats is asked to call the non-emergency Campbell County dispatch number at 434-592-9574 and ask to leave a message for Animal Control.

Updates will be posted on the Friends of Campbell County Facebook page. They already have an adorable Christmas theme album set up. Applications to adopt can be found here.

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