The Gassing of Feral Cats

by Michael

It seems that the gassing of feral cats still goes on in North America. I thought euthanasia had moved on to more humane methods. The gassing of unwanted animals that people don’t know what to do with seems to me to be a throwback to the 19th century, the early days of cat killing. I say “cat killing” because this is not euthanasia as these cats are not ill, or at least people don’t know if they are ill or not – they don’t care. All they know is they are vicious and uncontrollable, which they will be if they are stuffed into cages and mishandled! The whole process is so narrow minded and human orientated. I realise now that gassing of animals is still widespread. Am I wrong? It is called “tanking” in some facilities.

I am talking about the town of Elliot Lake in Ontario, Canada. Gassing of domestic animals happened routinely until very recently. People objected and signed a petition which obliged the council to stop it. The gas chamber will still be used to kill non-domestic animals as I understand it. That is still very much unacceptable to me. Councillor Chris Patrie says that the local veterinarians will not handle feral cats. That seems extraordinary to me as there are thousands of volunteers in North America who care for feral cats every day. Vets don’t treat wild animals either so if they present a problem in the town they trap and gas them – easy and convenient.

Councillor Chris Patrie also says that there is no point capturing an animal in downtown Elliot Lake and releasing it as it just moves the “problem” from one part of town to another. If he is referring to wild animals why not leave it alone so it can leave town of its own accord or if the animal needs to be captured, release it into the wild? Is that so hard to do?

The judgement as to whether an animal is dangerous is made arbitrarily. How do you decide? If the animal looks vicious – gas it! That seems to be the motto. As I said any animal trapped in a small cage under that criteria is going to look vicious.

One last point, the gassing of animals to death is inhumane. The gases used are usually carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide. Here are some extracts from the firsthand experiences of the gassing by carbon dioxide of a male feral cat by a person who had to do it, Kathryn McCartney.

“I place him, crate and all, into the chamber, closing the plexiglas lid. He immediately starts gasping for air climbing as high as he can in the restricted space. I can only describe his writhing as panic….Using his powerful hind legs, he tries to jump. In this abnormally small space.. he bashes against the top of the crate… Violently struggling and thrashing about in an effort to get a breath of oxygen… In his subsequent writhing he will cover himself with his own feces and urine.. Desperately trying to bite his way through the galvanized metal he clamps his teeth around the bars surrounding him… Claws become dislodged…”

Once dead his jaw had to be broken to release it. The claws had to be cut off to release them too. I hope Kathryn is OK with me publishing this verbatim. I think it is very instructional. The gassing of feral cats is obviously very cruel. But you see, it is cheap and convenient for people to kill cats this way. That is how we, people, like it.

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The Gassing of Feral Cats

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Sep 08, 2011 Hi Gail
by: Michael

Yes, you are right. He has been around before. He actually continued to insult people in further comments so I deleted the comments and banned him. He has a very narrow mentality, likes to shoot cats and won’t listen to alternative views. He also likes to insult people who love cats and other animals. He is unpleasant in my opinion.

Sep 07, 2011 Don’t Waste Your Breath on Anonymous
by: Gail (Boston, USA)

Folks, don’t bother trying to reason with “Anonymous” – he is indeed a TROLL. This ‘alleged’ individual is WOODSMAN, who was caught like a deer in headlights several months ago posting the exact same nonsense.

If you recall, Michael, some time ago, I called Woodsman out during one of his rants since he was so ‘proud’ of shooting defenseless cats. He purported to have permission from local law enforcement. Remember, I asked him to tell me WHERE in the USA he resided, since I have a legal background and could verify his allegations? He never did respond even though I repeated the request several times. As a matter of fact, he discontinued using the moniker Woodsman since he was exposed.

This is the same guy, not several different ones. I’d be willing to bet that if you scroll through previous posts by Woodsman as well as compare Anonymous’ posts, you will notice that his writing style is very much identical. Like fingerprints, our writing style is also unique to our personalities.

Save your breath – this is the same individual who is only trying to inflame this wonderful PoC forum. He’s probably some little geeky kid whose parents don’t even know what he’s doing, LOL!

Sep 05, 2011 Invasive species
by: Michael

I don’t think you have understood what I am trying to say. Humans migrated from Africa tens of thousands of years ago. They crossed the land bridge it is thought from Siberia to North America about 12,000 years ago.

At that moment in time there was an invasion of a non-native species (humans – homo sapiens) to North America. At that time too, North America was teaming with native species of animals.

Humans through rapid and uncontrolled growth in population number have had a severely negative impact of North American wildlife including bird species. You can find the statistics anywhere.

If you insult people again I’ll delete the comment and ban you.

Sep 05, 2011 The Ignorance Here Could Fill Grand Canyon
by: Anonymous

Europeans coming to the Americas was not a species invasion, the Americas were already inhabited by the same species. The preexisting wildlife on the continents were not being faced with a new species to which they hadn’t already evolved their predator/prey balance. These humans only had different cultural backgrounds.

In terms of species this is considered as regional variants. Regional variants exist in all species. Even individual species of songbirds will have different accents and dialects from one area of their range to another. Butterfly wing-patterns can be different across their range, even though they be of the same species. The same species of flower might look quite different from coast to coast but still be the same species. In fact these variations can differ so widely that it becomes quite difficult at times to determine if something is a new species or just a variant. One of the more well-known plants that elicit this effect is the common poison-ivy. It will change its leaves’ appearance even when growing next to each other, just due to one area being in dryer sunlit soil or the next in shade and it having to climb.

I suggest that if YOUR F**KINGLY PATHETIC MORONS want to argue about the ecological and biological principles of invasive-species that you should at least have a basic understanding in place beforehand. You have absolutely NONE. Even 3rd and 4th graders in grammar-school have a better understanding of ecology than ANY of you fools do!

by: Anonymous

For those of you refusing to take responsibility for your cats destroying all wildlife and using the blanket-excuse of human activity, then I trust you’ve had yourself and all your family sterilized and encourage all you know to have abortions to combat that issue. If not, HYPOCRITE be thy name.

Sep 05, 2011 Invasive species
by: Michael

Statistics show that humans are actually number one invasive species. They have no natural predators, constantly moving to places of which they don’t belong, and are very destructive to their environment. If that isn’t invasive, than I don’t know what is. Humans originated from Africa almost 300,000 years ago and moved form there to the USA via Europe.

On the basis that you believe that invasive species should be exterminated please tell us how you intend to exterminate the human population of the United States.

I think you need to see a psychiatrist. That is not meant to be an insult but genuine advice. You are blinkered, biased and repetitive. You don’t listen but simply repeat. And your arguments are littered with inaccuracies. Plus they are immoral.

Sep 05, 2011 Anonymous is scraping the barrel
by: Michele S

Anonymous, I’m coming to the conclusion that you are enjoying stirring things up on here. No-one here is opposed to reasonable debate, but you seem to strive for the opposite. Your comments seem designed to offend and upset anyone who disagrees with what you have to say.

When visiting your “responsible” cat owning friends who also happen to enjoy shooting cats outdoors (oxyMORONS?), does the topic of neutering or spaying ever enter the conversation? I’m sure that even you have heard of the expression “prevention is better than cure”. Genuine cat lovers advocate reducing cat numbers through sterilisation.

If you can take your blinkers off for a moment, you’ll realise that Michael has provided information on the origin of the feline species that we CHOSE to domesticate for our own convenience. Cats serve a valuable purpose on this planet and have a rightful place in the eco-chain. Not only do they control numbers of other species, but they provide valuable companionship to a great many people.

If you want to talk about an introduced species who has zero respect for their environment or others, then take a long look in the mirror. Mankind is responsible for the extinction of many species of creature – more so than any other predator on this planet. There are many regions in the world where we are an introduced species. Would you agree that those people deserve to be shot because they are not indigenous?

by: Anonymous

Cats are an invasive species. Bred by man for man’s purposes through selective-breeding, a form of genetic engineering. They are NOT an indigenous species ANYWHERE on the planet today and have NO PLACE in nature. A cat killing ANY wildlife is no more natural than if someone raised piranha for pets and dumped a tank of them in your bath with you in it, or releasing them in your favorite swimming areas, or in all your neighbors’ backyard pools. Piranha as pets deserve the same freedoms and protections as cats, don’t they? They too serve a purpose in the ecosystem, right? In fact, this would be even more natural than putting cats everywhere–the piranha haven’t been genetically engineered through selective breeding to make them unique from all other fishes in nature.

Cats in the TOP 100 WORST Invasive-Species
Global Invasive-Species Database:


Cats are NOT exempt from invasive-species laws. Much to the dismay of all criminally irresponsible and psychotic cat-lovers who are desperately trying to raise them to some absurd level of “Community Cats”. If they do that then I’ll just raise Community Piranha and release them in all your lakes and pools, or Community Black-Mambas and release them in all your backyards and parks, then claim the exact same protections for them as cat-advocates want for THEIR INVASIVE-SPECIES CATS. It’d only be fair!

If you fail to comprehend this then you might consider taking some grade-school level courses in ecology. Even 3rd and 4th graders know more and comprehend more than you do.

IF EVEN *ONE* NATIVE ANIMAL IS DESTROYED BY EVEN ONE INVASIVE-SPECIES ANIMAL, IT IS ONE NATIVE ANIMAL TOO MANY AND THAT INVASIVE-SPECIES ANIMAL MUST BE DESTROYED. Cats have no more right to be out in the natural world than some genetically engineered insect that, if released out into nature, would destroy all wildlife. JUST AS CATS DO.

Sep 05, 2011 Anonymous is wrong again
by: Michael

Sorry anonymous you are wrong again. You say this:

Cats are nothing but a DESTRUCTIVE INFECTION in the natural world. An invasive species, bred by man for man’s purposes. Altered through selective breeding, a form of genetic engineering. A cat has no more right to be out in the natural world than some genetically engineered insect that if released out into nature will destroy all native wildlife.

The feral cat is a direct descendent of the African and Euasian wildcat, a natural species of cat that has evolved in nature just like you and me. The domestication of cats was by mutual agreement for the benefit of both species, humans and cats.

Feral cats are not selectively bred cats but random bred cats. They have as much right as any other animal to be on the planet and in any case we, people, put them there.

You have a very blinkered approach. You lack knowledge and you are very arrogant because it is the activities of people who cause far more destruction of birds, nature, wildlife than any other species on the planet.

Can you please address these arguments and the sensible arguments mentioned below by other visitors who want to do the right thing?

And please do not insult people. When you insult people you show your true colors.

Sep 04, 2011 ZERO hate for cats
by: Anonymous

Why do you simpletons always presume that if someone wants to restore nature back into proper balance after it’s been devastated by a highly destructive and deadly disease-carrying INVASIVE-SPECIES like cats, that that person must hate cats? I hate cats no more than a doctor that was excising a flesh-eating bacteria from a human body would feel hate toward that bacteria. The bacteria is just doing what it is genetically designed to do. But if I care more about the body it is destroying then I excise that INFECTION from the healthy body in any way that I can, as rapidly as I can. Cats are nothing but a DESTRUCTIVE INFECTION in the natural world. An invasive species, bred by man for man’s purposes. Altered through selective breeding, a form of genetic engineering. A cat has no more right to be out in the natural world than some genetically engineered insect that if released out into nature will destroy all native wildlife. JUST AS CATS DO.

If visiting a friend who is a responsible pet-owner with a cat, I’ll even let the cat sit in my lap and I’ll scratch its ears if it likes that. The friends I keep, unlike you, know perfectly well why any feral or stray cat outside needs to be destroyed. They even do it themselves. We’ve even compared notes on the best ways to destroy them and any mildly interesting stories about cats that were more problematic than others to destroy. See … they have many things that you lack. Intelligence, common-sense, the ability to reason logically, awareness of the world around them, awareness of and RESPECT for others, and experience with the REAL world. Among hundreds of other worthy qualities that you seemingly and sorely lack.

You freakishly stupid MORONS.

Sep 04, 2011 Disturbing
by: Michele S.

This article made very sad and depressing reading. No creature deserves to die in such a cruel way. Gassing animals to death is done for economic reasons but sadly animal welfare isn’t taken into consideration. I hope that the good people of Elliot Lake who pressurised the local council to stop gassing domestic animals, will lobby them to extend the same compassion towards all animals.

Anonymous is clearly letting his hatred of cats blind him to scientific facts. Perhaps he’s not aware that cats are not the only creatures who prey on birds. Here in the UK, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, state on their web site that there is no scientific evidence to suggest that predation by cats is having any effect on bird populations. Their research shows that cats prey on weak or sickly birds who would have died of natural causes before the next breeding season anyway. In the USA the powerful Audoban society has done much to villanise the cat. The truth is that pollution, industrial farming, loss of habitat and natural food resources have contributed greatly to the decline of certain bird species. Most of those factors were caused by mankind in our greed to dominate the planet rather than share it with those who live alongside us.

Sep 04, 2011 Shelter reform/Don’t feed the trolls
by: Kat Parker

I read your article, Michael. It is disturbing, but this subject must be brought to light for those who might be uninformed. Only by doing so can things be changed, so thank you for writing and posting it. I have not been here to post for quite a while, mainly because last time I posted I was fried and fricasseed over hot coals for my opinions. Trying this again, though. lol Anyway, there are so many SOUTHERN STATES of the US who still employ this barbaric tactic of killing cats and it is disgusting and sad beyond words. I work nonstop, in San Diego California, to bring about shelter reform in Los Angeles, which by many people’s standards is so much better than the methods used at many Southern Shelters. I just know that even in Sunny California, here, with the Hayden Bill for kinder treatment of shelter animals and by strict rules and guidelines, staff and shelter workers do their best to ignore the rules and kill “at their pleasure”, and in masse, illegally. It’s sickening. So, i can only imagine the cruelty and heartless meanness that people must have at the shelter in South and in Canada which still “gas”, as your article point out. I don’t understand how these people can look at themselves and go on with life.

As for “Anonymous” who posted those asinine comments I read here, I can only infer that they are all done by the same person and that this person is a bona fide TROLL. How else would he, or she. end up on this beautiful cat lovers’ site and c’mon, think about it, 3 separate posts all condoning violent cruel deaths to helpless, innocent cats who have done nothing to them to deserve that. These posts are not real. They are being written by a TROLL who is trying to upset this good cat community, and that is that. If you feed him by responding, he will get his reward and continue to post stupid, hurtful things to upset you. Please ignore him and don’t feed the trolls, or they won’t go away.

Just my take, but I have see this before. Stupid trolls. lol

Sep 04, 2011 To the invasive anonymous bigot
by: Fran

It is you who has invaded the planet,yes you who is masquerading as the same species as decent human beings,abusive cat hater that you are.
It is you who is a waste of flesh and if you want to insult anyone then put your name to your insult.
What a miserable life you must lead with your heart and mind full of hate and spite against innocent animals and the people who care about them.
Carry on,we don’t care as you are only harming yourself and not us nor the millions of cats we intend to keep on standing up for.
Spite and hatred rot you from the inside out!

Sep 04, 2011 Moral of the Story
by: Anonymous

Moral of the Story:

I wasted 15 YEARS of my life arguing with demented cat-lovers. During which time THEIR _INVASIVE_SPECIES_ CATS DESTROYED ALL NATIVE WILDLIFE ON MY LAND. All native prey became tortured cats’ play-toys, all native predators STARVED TO DEATH. Those that became neither died of cats’ diseases they spread everywhere.

It wasn’t til I STOPPED arguing and on advice of the sheriff finally did what needed to be done — SHOOT ALL CATS — that my land, all the wildlife on my land, and my life itself started to return to normal. I no longer have to go out twice a day on cat-patrol to shoot more cats nor waste more time and energy burying them to protect wildlife from the diseases they carry. Much to the chagrin of manipulative TNR LIARS that spew their psychotic “vacuum effect” bullsh**. NO CATS have replaced them. The native predators and all other wildlife THAT BELONGS HERE replaced them!

Learn from this. You can argue with the Toxoplasmosis parasites in the cat-lovers’ brains until you are blue in the face and your whole planet is destroyed by their cats, but it’ll never get rid of the cats that have destroyed your life and all wildlife.


Only later, AFTER your land and life are 100% free of cats, can you have fun trying to educate the ineducable. Use the time you got back from their cats taking over your life to share the best ways to destroy all cats — without harming any other wildlife or humans. Then if you want, make YOUR life THEIR problem. Just as they made THEIR cats YOUR problem for all these many years. It’s only fair! Because that’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it. It’s not about cats at all. THEY ONLY WANT TO CONTROL YOUR LIFE WITH THEIR CATS. You can put a stop to that immediately BY DESTROYING THEIR CATS. And there’s not ONE THING they can do about it if you do it right (humanely). They’ll no longer have any part of your life.

Sep 04, 2011 Craven coward
by: Bert T

Anonymous you are a craven coward as are all who hide behind anonymous to vent their spleens.
Put your name to your rubbish and insults or better still don’t come to PoC and taint it with your disgusting ignorant cruel stupidity.
Go and play with your precious gun as with a bit of luck you might then rid the world of the worst bit of vermin ever…..yourself!

Sep 04, 2011 Live and let live
by: Ruth

It is you anonymous who is a waste of human flesh and as I personally know the lady you have insulted I know that she has not added to the problem of feral cats, in fact just the opposite !
Her own cats are neutered and well cared for as are all the cats of all of us who come here to help educate others and to try to help solve problems such as feral cats. She also volunteers in the real world for the good of others, people and animals.
What do you do for any other living creature ?
You’ll find many many cat lovers here and on other forums, from all over the world. Are we all wrong to love cats and want to help the unfortunate ones ?
Some of us may not like children or dogs or birds or whatever but we don’t go ranting that they should all be exterminated.
Live and let live anonymous, although I’d rather not live than be the arrogant bitter twisted personality you are.

Sep 03, 2011 To not having the guts to add your name to your comments anonymous
by: Leah England

So I’m a waste of human flesh? Thanks I’m flattered .

Firstly you know nothing about cats in relation to England. Secondly you know nothing about Feral cats because if you did you would know that feral’s are a result of selfish cruel idiots not neutering their cats then throwing them out to fend for themselves and breed out of control.

Just for the record I have NEVER kept an un-neutered cat so how would throwing me in prison help when I’ve never actually owned a cat that’s given birth?

I have never inflicted my cats on my neighbours and I now have two house cats. I am a responsible person where cats are concerned so tell me how it’s me that’s caused a problem in your country? You need to look in your own back yard pal because believe me we don’t have a feral cat problem here!!

I’m proud YES BLOODY proud to live in a country of animal lovers not in a country of animal haters where you de-claw a healthy, domesticated cats then get sick of them so you throw them out to become wild, blame them for everything you can think of, starve them and finally shoot or gas them.

You should listen to yourself. Ruth is right you are just so full of hatred! These cats didn’t ask to be born !! Cats are useful in that they keep the vermin population under control so go on keep shooting because I hope one day you are plagued by thousands of disease ridden rats and mice to replace the cats you’ve murdered. Or are these vermin the ‘wildlife’ you keep referring to?

by: Michael

I’d like to comment on the comment below by anonymous. You advocate mass slaughter of cats.

First your maths are wrong. You cannot do simple maths in respect of cat reproduction. Many, most in fact die of disease and other hazards before adulthood or when sub-adult. This severely reduces the estimates. Please read this page: How Fast Do Cats Breed?

Secondly the only reason why TNR is not as effective as it might be is because it is not done universally. If the local authorities stepped in and funded it properly and if it was done nationally it would work very effectively.

Shooting cats is plain cruel and you know it. The point has been made: we created this problem, if indeed it is a problem, and we are obliged to resolve it in a civilised, moral and humane way.

Trying to exterminate feral cats in any way possible is none of these. And in any case it won’t work. You create the feral cat behavior vacuum phenomenon. New cats fill the void created.

The problem needs an intelligent, committed coordinated approach at a high level. The majority of people would find your suggestions crude and insensitive to the say the least.

Please don’t insult people by the way.

Sep 03, 2011 TNR Works!
by: Angela V

This is cruel and uneeded.
The only solution that works to reduce the feral populations is TNR which is humane and promotes a natural decline in the number of cats in a colony over a period of time.
The is absolutely no reason to round up these beautiful souls and gas them.
Feral cats are not socialized and have no hope of escaping the alive from the animal shelters, as they are not considered adoptable. Feral kittens if caught young enough (up to 6 weeks old) can be socialized and adopted.
The killing of all innocents needs to end now!

Sep 03, 2011 Leah England the Hypocrite
by: Anonymous

Well Leah England, since all these excess cats that are destroying the world were brought into being due to the demented values of people like yourself, then YOU are the problem. If we throw you in prison for life will that help to ensure that more excess cats won’t be born?

You’re right, it IS a man-made problem, that now must be solved by man-made means. Destroying them as fast as possible is one of the only ways we have to get rid of those already born and overbreeding out of control.

Since YOU caused this, how come YOU aren’t destroying all the excess cats that you’ve disrespectfully, criminally, and irresponsibly inflicted on all your neighbors and all wildlife?


by: Anonymous

Cats are an invasive species. Bred by man for man?s purposes through selective-breeding, a form of genetic engineering. They are NOT an indigenous species ANYWHERE on the planet today and have NO PLACE in nature. A cat killing ANY wildlife is no more natural than if someone raised piranha for pets and dumped a tank of them in your bath with you in it, or releasing them in your favorite swimming areas, or in all your neighbors’ backyard pools. Piranha as pets deserve the same freedoms and protections as cats, don’t they? They too serve a purpose in the ecosystem, right? In fact, this would be even more natural than putting cats everywhere–the piranha haven’t been genetically engineered through selective breeding to make them unique from all other fishes in nature.

Cats in the TOP 100 WORST Invasive-Species:
Global Invasive-Species Database:

Cats are NOT exempt from invasive-species laws. Much to the dismay of all criminally irresponsible and psychotic cat-lovers who are desperately trying to raise them to some absurd level of “Community Cats”. If they do that then I’ll just raise Community Piranha and release them in all your lakes and pools, or Community Black-Mambas and release them in all your backyards and parks, then claim the exact same protections for them as cat-advocates want for THEIR INVASIVE-SPECIES CATS. It’d only be fair!

Cats have no more right to be out in the natural world than some genetically engineered insect that, if released out into nature, would destroy all wildlife. JUST AS CATS DO.

by: Anonymous

Here’s a fun read to PROVE how effective TNR programs are.

“In NYC there are currently 465 registered TNR colonies. When TNR began in these colonies, 6047 cats were present ? today, there are 4523 cats present, a decline of approximately 25 percent.” (Quoted from an Alley Cat Allies member who was SO proud of this.)

Of those 6,047 cats they’ve only REDUCED the total by 1,524 cats, about 127 PER YEAR. That’s only 0.08% of the 1,806,310 feral-cats within the city’s limits. (data taken direct from TNR-advocates’ own resources)

Guess how many have been born IN JUST THE LAST 6 MONTHS (hoping like hell that they’re not breeding every 4 months). Let’s do the math…

(1/2 total = females) 903,155 X 5 (avg. number in a litter) = 4,515,775 NEW CATS. Which lowers the number of them that have been reduced by TNR idiots to only 0.03%. THEY ARE GOING BACKWARD!

Guess how many will be born in another 6 months? (4,515,775 / 2) X 5 = 11,289,438.

Remember. the first 903,155 females are still breeding. For another 4,515,775. Add in the pre-existing 1,806,310, bringing the grand total in just ONE YEAR to 17,611,523 CATS. NEARLY EIGHTEEN MILLION. Which means that TNR groups have only reduced the cat-population by 0.008% of them. That’s not even ONE-ONE-HUNDRETH of ONE-PERCENT.

1,806,310 cats become nearly EIGHTEEN MILLION CATS … IN JUST *ONE* YEAR. Keep in mind too, these are the numbers in JUST ONE CITY.

Catching on yet to how TNR people are just spinning wheels in the sand and accomplishing NOTHING?

Well, they are managing to torture cats and torture or starve-to-death all native wildlife, annihilating the whole native food-chain with an INVASIVE-SPECIES, and spreading deadly or lifelong illnesses to all manner of animals and even humans while doing all this. I guess that’s accomplishing something. Including even spreading the plague today.

So much for that oft spewed urban myth that cats would have saved everyone from the plague in Europe. If the cats infect the rodents with Toxoplasma gondii, then cats even attract the plague right to your door since the toxo-infected rodents are now attracted to cat-urine. Cats would have only made the plague even more intensive and an even larger disaster. As they will this time around.

Sep 03, 2011 Sickening
by: Barbara

This is absolutely sickening, it’s enough to make any decent person feel ill with despair at the human race, how can anyone be so bloody cruel and how can such people as gutless anonymous sleep at night when he is such a sadistic bastard as to advocate the use of guns of creatures who are unloved and without homes or care entirely through man.
I am sick and tired of this world and all the people in it, I’ll be jolly glad when my time comes and I can leave it all behind because I tell you what, I’m ashamed to be part of the human race.

Sep 03, 2011 To anonymous
by: Ruth

I beg to disagree anonymous.
You say we have no idea what we’re missing if we have cats by us. That you now feel sorry for anyone who has cats. That our lives and world are dismally empty and we don’t even know it.

I’m afraid you are the one whose world is empty and by the sound of it full of hatred and bitterness too against a particular species of living creatures.
We are talking about feral cats here of which colonies began when heartless humans cast out domestic cats to fend for themselves. They don’t kill rodents and birds for fun, they kill them to survive. Un-neutered cats cast out by ignorant selfish people, naturally breed and they have to feed their offspring. A female cat is just like most female humans who will do anything to protect and feed her young.
As for the decline of song birds, that is again a man made problem, humans have decimated their population by over breeding and taking away the birds natural habitat to build more and more houses to house their offspring. They have used chemicals on the land and poisoned the birds food ! They have polluted the very air the birds breathe !
Do you sit down to a meal of roast animal or bird flesh ? Do you ever think how that creature lived sometimes in terrible conditions ? Do you think of how it died in pain and terror ?
Or do you wear blinkers like a lot of other people do, thinking it’s OK what other creatures suffer for your benefit as long as you don’t see it ?
Well humans are supposed to be the superior species, that’s a laugh !
Thankfully humans will wipe themselves out one day with their over breeding, greed and lust for power and their hatred and longing for making other creatures suffer just because THEY don’t like them.
Well that day can’t come soon enough because ALL animals are FAR superior to humans.

Sep 03, 2011 Sickening………..
by: Leah England

I agree with Ruth. The scum who slaughter terrified animals do so because they are sick and they enjoy doing so.

They are also quite likely so inadequate and socially inept this makes them feel powerful.

I also agree; what sort of person would do jobs like slaughter house work or killing feral cats in the first place? Yep! right again the sicko’s!

Oh and to the 2 gutless anonymous who posted before me you must be joking right? Feral cats are a man made problem yes MAN MADE!!! These cats aren’t torturing small animals they are trying to stay alive you moron!!

What is your contribution to the feral problem? Shoot them like the other gutless anonymous?!

Well hey you must feel like such a powerful man when you do that!!! At least the TNR programs are trying to achieve something and if the government did the same eventually these poor unfortunates would die out naturally.

People like you guys (I’m right in guessing you’re male am I? ‘cos you sound like testosterone laden nobody’s) make me ashamed to be part of the human race.

Sep 02, 2011 Gassing of feral cats.
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

A very disturbing and depressing article.

by: Anonymous

Look up the term TNR advocates just LOVE to use on how they reduce their feral-cat numbers, their candy-coating feel-good term of “Death by Attrition”. This means that their cats will die from disease, cat-attacks, animal-attacks, exposure, road-kill, starvation, and any other means that drastically shortens cats’ lives. ALL their cats suffering for how many months it takes to die that way. In many parts of this country and the world this clearly falls under the guidelines for cruelty to animals, animal-abuse, animal-endangerment, and animal-abandonment laws.

Let’s not forget how TNR advocates don’t hesitate to carve up cats with scalpels as well as cutting off parts of their ears, from which they have to heal-up for weeks before they try to survive again. As if letting them die of “attrition” wasn’t bad enough, TNR-advocates start them off by terrorizing them with traps, cages, and sticking knives into them first.

Not only are they cruelly torturing cats, but also all wildlife they inflict their cats upon. Their cats literally clawing the guts out of any wildlife to use it as an agonizingly and slowly dying twitching play-toy for their cats. And as soon as all the “fun” has drained out of their play-toy, they go on and find another one to torture. This is no different than if cat-owners went to a pet-store and bought canaries and hamsters then threw them at their cats to watch their cats tear them apart for their amusement. What about all the native predators that depend on all those animals for their ONLY food? Their cats cause all those animals to STARVE TO DEATH. TNR-advocates’ cruelty knows no bounds.

If you want to raise revenue for your towns and cities in order to deal with this invasive-species ecological-disaster properly, start charging all these TNR advocates with severe fines and imprisonment for CRUELTY TO ANIMALS.

They’re not doing this out of any goodness of their hearts. THEY DON’T HAVE HEARTS. Proved, 100%.

Sep 02, 2011 Shooting is FAR MORE humane.
by: Anonymous

If you do the research, as I did using data from the most “successful” TNR programs, you’ll easily find that not even *ONE* TNR program has EVER trapped more than 0.4% of existing cats in any one area for over a decade now. They simply cannot trap them faster than they breed out of control, no matter what they do. And those cats that learn to evade traps go on to produce offspring that now also know how to evade any trapping method used. This is why, due to TNR-Advocates’ insistence that they have “the answer”, that their feral-cat population has now climbed to an ecologically-deadly 150 MILLION feral-cats across the USA. Soon to turn into 1.5 BILLION cats within the year if you apply cats’ breeding rates to previous population numbers.

Find whatever way that you can to destroy all feral and stray cats on-sight. Avoid using traps if at all possible because trapping is what slowed everything down to where cat populations have now sky-rocketed out of control.

On advice of the local sheriff where I live I used a .22 equipped with a good illuminated-scope and a laser-sight for use when they are most active, dusk to dawn; as well as to afford precision aim for a humane kill. I shot every last one of them on my property to restore all the native wildlife to proper balance. Mission accomplished! 100% total success! This is even a more humane method than terrorizing trapping and animal-shelter methods; and why it is the preferred feral-cat management policy in so many areas today. One moment the cats are happily stalking defenseless animals to cruelly torture again, the next they are dead and don’t even know what happened. Making your land 100% cat-free is something that cat advocates haven’t been able to solve nation-wide for 30-40 years. On my land only 1 person in only 2 seasons was able to accomplish what they couldn’t attain in decades. Why is that? The cost per cat was also only 0.3 CENT, 3 cats PER PENNY, a ONE-TIME expense (5000 rounds on sale for only $15). All cats gone for the price of a few cups of coffee. And contrary to another famous TNR-Advocate’s bald-faced “vacuum effect” LIE … NO CATS REPLACED THEM. The NATIVE predators and their required NATIVE prey that WAS here and BELONGS here is what replaced their lousy invasive-species cats that had destroyed the entire native food-chain. This year I’m even enjoying birds I’ve never seen in my life before. Two of the warblers listed in the top 10 songbirds of the world for their song. What an amazing sound to awake to each morning. You have no idea what you’re missing if you have cats by you. I now feel sorry for anyone who has cats. Their lives and world are dismally empty and they don’t even know it.

Sep 02, 2011 Many humans are scum of the earth
by: Ruth

This article has me in helpless tears and makes me actually HATE the human race of which I am reluctantly a part of.
Feral cats are a man made problem yet the cats have to pay the highest price, their lives. Bad enough but to end their lives in fear, pain and misery is NOT humane, it is the complete opposite and something any person with even a tiny shred of humanity would refuse to do.
So if it’s the law of the place they live in, let those who sit behind their desks making those laws do the dirty work themselves.
Can they blame those cats for being so terrified that they turn vicious ?
To me it’s like the people who work in slaughter houses, they abuse the animals they are paid to kill, just because it makes them feel powerful.
What humane person would work in a slaughter house to begin with ?
My conclusion is that people who abuse terrified animals are the scum of the earth because they enjoy doing so.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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1 thought on “The Gassing of Feral Cats”

  1. the unwanted cat advocates that I have come across lie about everything. And the only part of T N R that works is that they do neuter spay maybe 5% of a colony, which is better than none. but that is all it does. and trying to speak with common sense with these people is never going to happen. all they do is name call and ignore scientific facts or distort them to their favor. the lying unwanted cat hoarder that has set up his colony in our neighborhood, not his neighborhood, is a bully, liar, and a complete nuisance to all that live here. and it is just plain wrong and inhumane to his unwanted cats. he does not care at all what his unwanted cats have done to are properties and health. he has been asked to leave by the neighborhood and the police but he will not do so. he lies saying he has permission which he does not. he uses T N R as a cover so he can abandon more unwanted cats in our neighborhood, again not his neighborhood as he does not live anywhere near here. he is highly respected in the unwanted cat community, which leads me to believe that they are just like him. they are not community cats as the community does not want them. they only refer to the unwanted cats that way because it sounds nice. but the unwanted cats are very far from being community cats. they are only a community nuisance. if they want to hoard all these unwanted cats they should do it on their own property and fenced in. there is no reason we should have to put up with their unwanted cats. and don’t blame humans for this problem its the irresponsible cat owners that did this not the rest of us. irresponsible cat owners are the ones to blame and no one else. so quit lying and suck it up and take responsibility for your unwanted cats and quit forcing them on everybody else.


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