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  1. the unwanted cat advocates that I have come across lie about everything. And the only part of T N R that works is that they do neuter spay maybe 5% of a colony, which is better than none. but that is all it does. and trying to speak with common sense with these people is never going to happen. all they do is name call and ignore scientific facts or distort them to their favor. the lying unwanted cat hoarder that has set up his colony in our neighborhood, not his neighborhood, is a bully, liar, and a complete nuisance to all that live here. and it is just plain wrong and inhumane to his unwanted cats. he does not care at all what his unwanted cats have done to are properties and health. he has been asked to leave by the neighborhood and the police but he will not do so. he lies saying he has permission which he does not. he uses T N R as a cover so he can abandon more unwanted cats in our neighborhood, again not his neighborhood as he does not live anywhere near here. he is highly respected in the unwanted cat community, which leads me to believe that they are just like him. they are not community cats as the community does not want them. they only refer to the unwanted cats that way because it sounds nice. but the unwanted cats are very far from being community cats. they are only a community nuisance. if they want to hoard all these unwanted cats they should do it on their own property and fenced in. there is no reason we should have to put up with their unwanted cats. and don’t blame humans for this problem its the irresponsible cat owners that did this not the rest of us. irresponsible cat owners are the ones to blame and no one else. so quit lying and suck it up and take responsibility for your unwanted cats and quit forcing them on everybody else.

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