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The Gut Feelings of Domestic Cats — 9 Comments

  1. I agree cats definitely know fear. My friend has 2 cats one of them is a huge B&W long haired Tom. He’s adorable 🙂 I had just left their house one night and walked towards my car, Simba had just gone out too and as I went out I noticed a man stood outside the house next door smoking. I got in the car and I waited because I noticed this man just staring at Simba. Simba started back but just for a few seconds than he retreated, then he ran and hid behind a bin and the man still stared at the bin. At this point I didn’t trust him either I phone my friend and told her to fetch him in. When she opened the door she didn’t even have to call him; he shot into the house! When he looked and that man he froze to the spot for a split second I know that man didn’t like him and if I hadn’t have been there and seen it I really think he may have tried to hurt him. Simba knew this to. cats can sense evil.

  2. I have two traditional Persian cats, a 7 year old female cat “Matahari” and her now 5 year old kitten “Matata”. Whenever i pet Matahari it seems tomcat Matata gets jealous and rushes to be petted or otherwise he sulks and at times even gets aggressive. I have observed this behaviour numerous times and definitely feel that cats have emotions like us humans and do get jealous or possessive of their human companions.Strangely cat “Matahari” doesn’t show the same reaction if “Matata” is petted or pampered.Only tomcat “Matata” shows this type of behaviour.

    • The wisdom of a mother and the impetuousness of a male child 😉 Matata is quite a testosterone-fuelled cat. He is quite male and bossy so expresses his emotions more forcefully it seems. Pleased to see your cats support these theories.

  3. I agree with what both you say. I see this alot in Smokey who can tell if a dog is coming or children as,he hates them both so much. I’m pretty sure he was abused when he was a little kitten before I rescued him. Cause he will be perfectly at home in a bedroom or on table as soon as he senses something not right hes like off out the door.

      • I agree Michael. It’s important that Kittens and Cats are bought in right environment. Jasmine, has been bought in right place that’s used to children. Which why she was super confident and had no worries of other Cats. I think the Majority of people are good Cat Carers, I think there are position of People that should own or Have Cats especially People with Low Tolerance and anti cat or Dog. Your find alot of people who have no feelings or no judgement are like this. I think there needs to be education just like there is for Children. Although Life for me when I was young wasnt ideal or safe. I still treated animals with respect and love. As they give so much more back in return.

  4. I think that the strongest gut feeling that cats have is fear. They almost smell it, I think.

    It’s seen so many times and, as I’ve heard before…
    “I am suspicious of anyone who says that they dislike cats; but, I trust my cat when he doesn’t like someone”.

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