The Happy Endings Make It All Worthwhile

Jodi is a sweet lady. She rescues cats and when a cat named Tony who she had rescued from a drain is adopted by a family she tears up in happiness at the happy ending she created. She was searching for Tony and found him in the drain looking up at her. When she got hold him he showed his relief and love.

It is a pure episode of super-direct cat rescue to rehoming. It is nice to see the end result of one’s rescue efforts. Tony is a lovely cat judging by the video and what Jodi and his adopted family say.

Tony looks a bit like a non-purebred lynx pointed Siamese mix of some sort I have to say. Two things stand out in this story which is well covered in the embedded video. Jodi is very tender-hearted. A great cat rescue lady. Tony is very laid back and I’d wager he is a wonderful cat companion. A happy ending for all the parties to this story.

The rewards of cat rescue – saving a cat and finding a new home – motivates those involved to keep on.

Quick note: Sometimes videos don’t work for all kinds of reasons. I apologise is that is the case.

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