The Holy Grail of multi-cat homes

Two cats love each other

Two cats love each other. Screenshot.

This is the headline: We adopted a second cat from a hoarding situation. It turns out he was my cat’s soulmate. The two of them have been inseparable since he arrived. So a bit of good luck lead to super harmony. They glow with happiness. It’s what I have called the Holy Grail of multi-cat homes. It’s what you want to see between two domestic cats in the home. If you’ve got this as a cat owner/guardian you got it all. A huge weight of responsibility is taken off you in respect of your efforts to keep your cat happy and contented, which is one of the goals of a cat guardian after security and safety.

You normally achieve contentment in your cat by stimulating them mentally, and of course loving them and providing your companionship but in all truth it is a substitute for what you see in the video. There is difficulty in achieving it because the inherent solitary and territorial nature of the domestic cat is a barrier.

Although it’s not always a barrier because the domestic cat has become quite sociable but it would be oh so much easier if all domestic cats got along as well as the couple we see on this page. You would know that if you have to leave them alone for hours that they could keep themselves company and avoid separation anxiety. How many cats suffer from separation anxiety? We don’t know, but it’ll be a lot and often the owner doesn’t know because they’re too busy earning a living and they’re not there to see how their cat reacts to their absence. They might be surprised if they knew.

We adopted a second cat from a hoarding situation. It turns out he was my cat’s soulmate. The two of them have been inseparable since he arrived. from r/aww

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I refer to this couple’s love for each other as the Holy Grail of multi-cat ownership because it is very rare to get this kind of super close companionship between domestic cats. Yes, I know you see it in YouTube videos quite a lot but it’s rare. As I see it, the typical relationship between cats in multi-cat homes is that they get along. They’ve adapted to living in close proximity with another cat or cats but it is not an inherently typical or natural situation.

Cats' personal space - it is a requirement

Cats can demand personal space like people. A more typical multi-cat scene. Photo in public domain.

You might know by now that Jackson Galaxy says that if you can adopt two cats from a rescue centre who get along then do it rather than adopt one cat. His major argument is that it takes away, as I have mentioned, some of the responsibilities of a cat owner because the cats can entertain themselves. The other argument that you have to do it for the cats otherwise you are separating two cat friends. Some rescues insist that they are adopted together.

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