The Human Race is Inhumane

by wayne f janes jr
(lancaster, pa, usa)

This is what I know. A long time ago, cats were wild. We made them domestic, dependent on us for our pleasure to have a pet. We cared not enough for them to protect their life when it’s not easy for us. We move, we die, we have kids etc.. We let them go wild, or to a shelter, most likely to die.

At the same time, we trap African servals, Asian leopards, lynx, etc, etc, and very painfully, carefully breed them through chromosomal differences, and many unfruitful breeding tries to eventually make a new breed of domestic wild cat such as Savannahs, Bengals, etc, etc. expend great cost to breed, sell and buy.

Then for some reason the rich family who bought the exotic cat don’t want it and let it go wild, stray. I own a Savannah, Bengal mix, adopted from the RSPCA, turned in as found stray.

I am a care giver for mentally ill people also, and do you know some of them have more integrity then then “normal people” in this world. The animal rights people need to get laws passed, only breeders should have animals that reproduce, and people should have to register their animals, and if they don’t want them, turn them in for adoption.

If the animal is very old, and not taking to a new home, after 3 tries, put it down.

If people were made to pay money for not caring right for a pet, then pet abuse and neglect would reduce greatly. As it is now, people freely are free to be disrespectful and unaccountable for pets.

If the government was making money and people felt good that there pet “sins” where made right, they would be OK paying pet tax to a good program.

wayne f janes jr

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The Human Race is Inhumane

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Oct 09, 2010 To Wayne
by: Ruth

I found your views very interesting and you are obviously a kind and caring person as you look after those unable to look after themselves because of mental problems.
I find most people who care about animals care about people too although the ones who don’t care about animals really upset me when they say I should care about people instead of animals. They can’t understand that some of us can care deeply about both.
I’ve always thought that anyone wanting to ‘own’ a pet should first be made to pass a competence test to prove they can look after the animal as he should be looked after.
The people who would fail the test are the very ones who are ignorant enough to abandon their pet.
But I think that only an animal with no quality of life should be killed,not just because they are old and unwanted.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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Oct 08, 2010 Good article…
by: Maggie

A good article, but there’s one thing I don’t agree with. My local dog rescue shelter has your policy. And if a dog is turned into the shelter 3 times he is euthanised. My dog had been to the shelter 3 times and we rescued her a few days before her euthanisation. Animals should not be euthanised because they can’t find homes with people. They have just as much right, perhaps even more, to live their lives as we do. If they can’t find homes, open santuaries where they can happily live their lives.

I’m not for nor against breeding cats. I will become a breeder myself in years to come but not a breeder craving the over rated and corrupting dollar, but a breeder who loves her cats and their beautiful breed. Feline associations need to have constant inspections of breeding facilities. Every breeder needs to be inspected to ensure that their cats are living lives as cats, not neglected breeding machines. Breeders should have to sit tests to ensure they know enough about the breed and cat health before having the right to breed and bring new lives into the world. All breeders should also require contracts so they then have the right to take back any cat of their breeding, should the owner go against any of the contract requirements. For example, many US breeders state on their contracts that the cat must not be declawed under any circumstances.

Breeders must understand that cats are living things, just like people. And if you are the person who brings them into the world, then you are forever responsible for them.

Oct 08, 2010 CFA Needs Be Held “Legally Liable” For Their CFA Breeders
by: Stop Inhumane Cat Breeding

CFA Needs Be Held “Legally Liable” For Their CFA Breeders That Commit Crimes Against Pedigreed Cats

CFA is a cat registry, the largest cat registry in the world, has employees, makes a profit, is a legal corporation and promotes cat breeding worldwide. In promoting cat breeding that creates agony & suffering for the pedigreed cats under the ultimate care of their owners, the CFA registered cat breeders.


There is no doubt about it registered cat breeders have terrible reputations worldwide. The horror stories hit the major cities, nationally and even worldwide. The horror stories of pedigree cat abuse, neglect, cruelty, hoarding & rescuers is beyond belief & comprehension. It truly makes the good cat breeders who are doing the right thing look terribly bad and tarnish all cat breeders as bad. The crimes are done by the very caretakers who is suppose to love and care for them the HERE

The government is really under alot of pressure due to the amount of cruelty done against all animals in general, especially with the new crush videos that are being exposed. Along with Animal Welfare Laws Tighting & local governement under pressure officials may just make CFA and all cat & dog registeries “legally liable” for their own breeders crimes against their cats/dogs..

Cat Fanciers Ass., Inc [CFA] needs to place their money where their mouths is. “If” CFA is against pedigree cat abuse then do something to show the public & your sponsors you are serious about your CFA cat breeders commiting horrific crimes against pedigreed cats. Because if you do not the local officials may just make you, CFA corporation “legally liable” for the crimes your own breeders commit against their own cats.

As it stand right now CFA is getting away with murder. How? When one of their paid registered cat breeders commit a crime against their own cats, CFA places their name on a meaningless list and wrings their hands and says, “that breeder is banned from CFA privileged services”. That is too easy for you CFA. You need to stand up to the plate and come up with very serious consequences for your CFA breeders harming our pedigree cats that God made. God made these cats to love not to harm like so many of your CFA breeders have done.

Perhaps the time has arrived where CFA needs to re-examine their procedures & consider getting Legal Liability Insurance protecting CFA against their own CFA registered breeders commiting crimes against pedigreed cats.

To read more inside information about Cat Fanciers Association. Inc [CFA] to here:
CFA Index 1
CFA Index 2
Author: Rose Marie Zizzo

Oct 08, 2010 Old Cats put down?
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Wayne, while some your ideas may merit attention, putting down a cat just because it is old is horrendous! How would you like it if, in your senior years, the people around you didn’t think you were worth bothering with so they put YOU down? Absolutely bonkers, that idea.

Our local shelter keeps animals until they get adopted out – period. We had a senior cat who was with us for over 3 years – she just never met the right match. Voila! During one of our shelter open houses, a senior lady walked in, looked around, saw our senior lady in a cage and made a beeline for the cage and told us very directly “I shall be taking this beauty home with me TODAY.” Considering this lady had adopted from us before and had a stellar record from all concerned, our senior kitty did just that – she went home with her new momma that very day. A short time later, her human sent us photos and a quick blurb to let us know that all is well. Just because you get old, you don’t need to be put down. Let’s hope you rethink that one. Thanks.

Oct 08, 2010 Point made
by: Michael

I understand where you are coming from but you may be painting an overly black and pessimistic picture of the human race.

Not all people who own nice cats abandon them for example.

And the wild cat agreed to become domesticated – the benefit cut both ways.

But yes, there is too much irresponsibility and disrespect towards our cat companions and the precious wildcats for my liking.

Thanks for sharing.

Michael Avatar

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