The Human Species Is Destroying Planet Earth

Deviating slightly from the subject of cats, although this does affect cats too of course. Two quotes on another article inspired me to write this one. Michael wrote:

‘My personal and rather strange opinion on this matter is that humans have evolved too far. We have become too introspective and are unable to live in the moment and therefore become over analytical and ultimately depressed because we cannot find a reason for living. For this reason eventually humans will die out and the planet will revert to the way it was, a better world’

and Caroline wrote:

‘What has happened due to our ignorance and arrogance in thinking that we are the “ultimate” species is deplorable’

How I agree with them both! I’d also add selfishness to ignorance and arrogance. Animals were never meant for us to use and abuse, yet they are, in many ways, such as for entertainment, to experiment on and bred to be eaten by humans, born especially to die prematurely, how terrible is that!

Humans are a world disease
Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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‘Food’ animals are fed grain to fatten them up ready to be eaten by meat eaters, it takes 16lbs of grain to produce just 1lb of animal flesh. That grain would feed the starving millions in the world.

There are 7 billion people in the world and 840 million of them are going hungry. Is it right that some people should live off the fat of the land and others starve? I don’t think it is!

Doing a little bit more research I came up with many statistics, but will just quote a few because statistics can be misleading as well as quite boring to some people.

There are 905 extinct species of animals¹ or maybe more.

70 million people are born in this world every year and 55 million die. This is a very interesting link. So no wonder ever breeding humans are taking over the planet, no wonder the habitat of many animals, birds and fish is being destroyed to house and feed the expanding human race and it will get worse!

We are polluting the very atmosphere and using up all the planet’s resources, it can only end with the destruction of it unless human beings are wiped out before that happens. I think this will happen, because not enough of us care, what can we do if all humans don’t stop and think and try to save the earth too? It’s too late already!

I saw a programme on TV about astronauts living on a space station, looking for a new planet for when this one can’t sustain humans any longer, a new planet for us to eventually destroy as we have this one!

As Michael says, we have evolved too far and as Caroline says thinking we are the ultimate species is deplorable.

One day planet Earth will return to the animals, Nature will take care of them, things will be as they should, unless humans evolve here again, maybe they will, who knows? Or maybe the theory of evolution and the religious belief of creation by God are both wrong.

Take one of my flights of fantasy with me. Maybe in the beginning, two human beings came from another planet exhausted of resources, to live on Earth, a male and a female, bringing with them a male and a female of each animal, bird and fish species. Maybe when another planet is found able to sustain life, a male and a female human being will be sent there with a male and a female of each species of animal, bird and fish.

Will those people have learned by the mistakes made and listen to Mother Nature? Or in millions of year’s time will that planet also be exhausted of enough supplies to sustain human life and will those people in the far distant future be looking for yet another planet?

Is all life a never ending circle of moving from planet to planet in the realms of space?

Ruth aka Kattaddorra



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  1. same agree with what everyone has said the humans for awhile have been destroying the earth i guess its up to us to turn it around. Do our part to make it better.

  2. Just read this true horror story about a “SERIAL CAT KILLER” in America.Check the link :-


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