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The Human Species Is Destroying Planet Earth — 23 Comments

  1. same agree with what everyone has said the humans for awhile have been destroying the earth i guess its up to us to turn it around. Do our part to make it better.

  2. Just read this true horror story about a “SERIAL CAT KILLER” in America.Check the link :-http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/25-dead-cats-found-hung-yonkers-tree-article-1.1768790?utm_source=Daily+News+2014&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=DailyNews_2014_509149&utm_content=302541031&utm_term=_509149_509180

  3. Brilliant article, R.
    So true. Arrogance, selfishness/greed, and ignorance.
    For whatever reason and by whomever, I believe that we were entrusted with this planet. We don’t own it; we don’t own anything. Everything is a gift given to us on lend.
    We didn’t fulfill our job requirements, and our performance evaluations will reflect that.
    We’ve failed and should be fired.

    • Thanks Dee, you are right, we don’t own anything, we bring nothing with us and can take nothing away. We should be responsible caretakers all the resources and for all the other living species too because we decided we take over their lives, they didn’t need us, domesticated animals do need us now but we don’t ‘own’ them.
      We are failing wild creatures too, it’s too late for the extinct species and the ones in danger of joining them.
      The only hope for planet earth now is for humans to become extinct.

  4. I agree with all that has been said, humans are too arrogant, we as a species have taken over the planet and assumed control over every living thing. Some humans destroy beautiful things, animals, plants, countryside, nothing escapes the ravages of the selfish beasts called human. I fear for the future of this planet, I don’t think it’s far fetched to say that eventually, long after we’ve gone, this planet will finally be destroyed by greed and filth and cruelty. I sincerely hope that mankind doesn’t then invade another planet and start the process all over again. A brilliant chilling poster Ruth and wise words, as always.

    • Yes,it will be after we have all gone so we’ll never know how long humans have left on earth. It’s terrible to think that today so far 21,978 people have died of hunger and as resources dwindle, the number of poor people dying will grow.
      I don’t think it was ever meant to be this way.

      • That many people on this one day? That is terrible, especially when you look at the food thrown away from shops and in the streets, it’s all wrong and I don’t think it can be put right.

  5. I agree with this entirely.

    Actually I would say that human development was just an accident. I don’t thik we were mean’t to have all this physical power.

    I also think we need to start dying. We need to realize that it’s also nice to go and leave nothing behind. The last favour we can all really do for this planet is to leave quietly.

    When I say that to people it depresses them.

    For me it is just melancholy. Basically it’s rather sad and beautiful at the same time. I believe it is true and correct though. The best I can do here is to do very little. Not work too hard because capitalism and work are what is destroying this place first and foremost. The more we have to work the sooner the world will end. Why doesn’t anybody get that.

    There is alot of integrity in working less, not having children, not having 2 extra bedrooms, not having an extra car ……I could go on. We need to be small.

    Yet most of the world is still trying to be big. They can’t see the failure of it even though it’s staring them in the face. Which basically proves that enlightenment is a process. You can’t take short cuts. You have to be an asshole until you learn not to be for example. You can’t suddenly wake up and be a nice good person. First you have to be such a dick that it comes back at you ad you regret it.

    In other words we are doomed simply because there are too many people who have too much of a process to go through and the planet can’t support.

    I don’t believe this planet was meant to be used as it is by us. It has feelings and it lives and breathes in a sense. I would be well pissed off at having to be a psychiatrist for an entire species of evil cancer like organisms who want to kill me. We really are rock bottom low. We invented low, we invented nightmares, we invented jealousy, we invented all these things we claim to be disenchanted by.

    I think we would be much better in every way if we had much smaller brains and if we weren’t so bloody ugly. Humans, compared to most animals, especially when small, are revolting creatures to look at. We don’t have much fur, we have big bobbly heads ad walk on two legs. We are pretty nasty looking compared to most other mammals. Hyenas are pretty ugly too. Just my two 🙂

    • lol Marc I loved your description of our big bobbly heads but you are so right in all you say and I don’t think we were meant to evolve as we have and this is why childbirth is so painful, we are born with our heads too big physically and mentally. We think we are the most important species on the planet but in reality it could and it will go on without us and be a much better place.

    • LOL!
      Marc, you are such a joy!
      We, certainly, are one of the ugliest animals on the planet.
      We have no tails, no whiskers, what little fur is shaved off. We can’t climb worth a damn, can’t capture prey without equipment, can’t keep ourselves clean without products.
      We are the most disabled of all in our senses. And, we have the gall to think that we “run” something here?

    • Good comment as usual. There was an interesting interview on the radio this evening about IVF treatment. It’s very popular these days for infertile people to use IVF to have children.

      One outspoken caller (the public are allowed to call in and voice their views) stated that we should not be using IVF to create more people because there are enough people on the planet already. If people can’t have kids then people should accept it as a natural consequence.

      People should be more ready to accept nature and natural events. Billions of pounds are spent every year trying to extend the lives of people. This baffles me because I don’t think it’s a good idea to extend our lives. 85 years of life on this planet is enough!

      Perhaps the motivation to extend our lives to make us live 10 more years shuffling around a care home, dribbling, is our fear of death. We are full of fears. Sometimes I think that fear is our biggest motivator but we don’t know it. We don’t realise it.

  6. Ruth- a very timely post.

    We are nothing but an arrogant species and very inferior to many animals that share the planet with us.

    Do we have the exquisite sense of smell that dogs and cats have? Can we see an incredible range of colors like birds? Can we go underwater and communicate with clicks and sonar? Heck no. We are very inferior in so many ways.

    I just watched “Planet of the Apes” and “Return of the Planet of the Apes” the other night. Astounding and very prophetic. We are killing the planet with our lust for weath and greed. What we are doing to wild horses that graze on Government lands is outrageous. But we will pay dearly- our cities will soon disappear under the sea.

    If you want to see a magnificent film- it is about an hour long- beautifully done- but very disturbing watch it at http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/earthlings/

    We all are Earthlings..but the human race is far from superior.

    • I’ve seen ‘Earthlings’ and yes it is very disturbing. We truly are inferior to other species but most of us don’t think so because we have the power over them all, but everyone can’t see the truth.
      But going by the comments here so far it seems hopeful that cat loving people can see the truth, but it’s sad that there’s nothing we can do, it’s too late and there are too few of us.

  7. Have readers seen the movie “PLANET OF THE APES” in which late actor Chalton.Heston played the main role of the “Human Species” ? Charlton.Heston also played epic biblical roles of Moses and Benhur. Please see this film which is frighteningly scary although produced decades ago.We humans are really in danger of destroying our own living Planet as “Global warming” and gradual extinction of species is proving.Can the same be reversed ?

    • I have seen Planet of the Apes. In fact that’s it several times on the television and originally in the cinema. It’s a really good film. It is prophetic. I’m not sure the end of the world come through atomic war which was the storyline in that film. It is more likely come about because of a total abuse of the planet so that it no longer is able to sustain life.

      A wise author (I Forget his name) stated that humankind dislike itself so much that it wishes to destroy the planet so that humankind itself would be destroyed. Perhaps there is some sort of subliminal motivation going on. Who knows.

  8. The most famous person to support what you say in your article is David Attenborough, perhaps the best-known biologist and television presenter in the world. About a year ago he called humankind a disease that was spreading across the planet.

    If you look at the world as a whole the human race does look a bit like a disease, ever expanding, ever using up the resources of the planet without paying heed to the long-term consequences or being unable to coordinate ourselves sufficiently to protect the planet for future generations.

    You quoted me from a comment and that quote is rather extravagant perhaps but I have believed it for a while. There is something amiss at the heart of humankind. We are unhappy in general with our lot. We’re dissatisfied and we can’t seem to become satisfied. When you compare our behaviour to that of the planet’s other creatures (which we call animals) it does look bizarre and unnatural.

    The calm predictability of animal behaviour even when it includes the killing of other animals seem so much more obvious and natural compared to our manic search for a reason to live.

    Religion was created by people to try and make life more tolerable. You can see that it has failed abjectly because all it has done is create more conflict.

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