The Idahoan Dumbass Redneck Who Likes To Shoot Feral Cats

This dumbass redneck who likes to shoot feral cats misspells ‘feral’ so badly it is a bit of shock to realize how uneducated he is. When holding up a feral cat he has shot, he says “Gettin rid of some Ferrell cats”. He even capitalizes the word. There are houses in the background. This could easily be someone’s domestic cat.

Dumbass Redneck Who Likes To Shoot Feral Cats
Jesse the dumbass holding up his ‘Ferrell’ cat for the camera.
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His name is Jesse Winterringer. He likes to cut down trees too. Perhaps he does it for a living. But for pleasure and as a pastime he likes to kill animals with his rifle. And that includes cats. He thinks he is shooting feral cats but he fails to question whether he is shooting someone’s pet cat roaming around the neighborhood. It is of no concern to him. He is so involved in the blood sport, he is blinded by the possibility he is killing a companion animal and causing pain and distress and possible emotional pain and upset for the cat’s owner.

In another photo, Winterringer appears to be shooting some cats in what looks like suburbia. He holds up a ginger cat by the hind legs. In the background is cut grass and a paved path. This is not the wild either.

Dumbass Redneck Who Likes To Shoot Feral Cats
He shot a ‘tomcat’. Looks like suburbia. The cat could easily be a stray domestic cat.

One person commented:

You dumbass! You can’t even spell feral correctly!

Another writes:

“I don’t even like cats, but it takes a very disturbed person to do something like this and then want to “publicly display his trophies”. However, maybe he was intending on feeding them to his family, so it all makes sense then.”

dumbass redneck who likes to shoot feral cats
He got 2 that night. He is in his garage. Are these domestic cats?

Is it legal to shoot feral cats in Idaho?

Obviously Mr Winterringer thinks it is legal to shoot cats in Idaho (feral or otherwise). But is it?

A supporter, Tanner Smith, of this dumbass redneck who likes to shoot feral cats says the following on Facebook:

“It isn’t illegal or “animal cruelty” in the state of idaho to shoot feral cats. Sorry that yall from spokane are so damned nosey and can’t stop pushing your narrative without hearing the other side or counter argument…”

Here is another supporting comment from Tanner Smith a fellow dumbass:

Redneck feral cat shooter
Redneck feral cat shooter supports another redneck feral cat shooter!

Well Mr Smith you’re wrong. It is clearly animal cruelty and as for the legality of it the answer is not that simple. You only have to visit the Idaho Dept. of Fish & Game to see what they say about the legality of shooting feral cats.

They don’t know! They say it may be legal when protecting livestock. But you’ll need a license to shoot feral cats in the wild. However, you’ll have to be sure that the cat is genuinely feral and unowned because if you are wrong you could be sued in the civil courts and prosecuted in the criminal courts. And if you ignorantly post photos holding shot cats on Facebook as Jesse Winterringer likes to do you are asking for trouble. And I hope he gets it because it is the face of ignorance and mindless cruelty.

From a legal standpoint there are so many pitfalls to shooting feral cats that it is simply foolhardy (and obviously cruel) to do it. There are ordinances regarding discharging firearms in city limits and county laws as well. Fish & Game cannot provide a definitive answer as to whether it is legal to shoot feral cats. Therefore don’t do it.

Arrogant hunter addicted to killing feral cats

Articles on Shooting Feral Cats

I have written many articles on the illegality of shooting feral cats. In phone conversations, some Fish & Game Departments say categorically that it is illegal. And the main reason is because you don’t know what you are shooting. This dumbass redneck who likes to shoot feral cats doesn’t get that.

P.S. Winterringer also likes to shoot bobcats. He is an unpleasant person.

Shooting bobcats
Winterringer proudly displays his dead bobcat for the camera.

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38 thoughts on “The Idahoan Dumbass Redneck Who Likes To Shoot Feral Cats”

  1. I just stumbled upon this article, and it pretty much ruined my night. Bullies like him strike fear in the hearts of pet owners who may want to complain to authorities, but are risking their safety and the safety of their kids and other pets if they turn him in. My brother lives in Idaho, and as usual, there are many fine people who live in that state. There are too many like this jerk, however, who spoil the whole barrel of apples.

    1. Yes, he’s a classic jerk. Utterly insensitive to the welfare of animals. How he relates to humans will be instructional. This sort of person disgusts me. I detest him more than I can say and in a better world I’d dish out to him what he does to cats.

  2. Coming4YouPSYCHOS

    No, psychopath fuckface cumbubble waste, YOU and your buttfucks are NOT doing anyone any favors you self-absorbed PRICKS! YOU and YOUR FUCKS being fed into a woodchipper would be doing the WOLRD a favor!

    We do not forget
    We do not forgive

    1. 🙂 I love your comment. It tells me (1) I have hit a nerve….

      Note: I made this comment in error and have deleted 90% of it. Sorry. I misinterpreted a visitor’s comment.

      1. Coming4YouPSYCHOS

        You do realize that I am talking TO the fuckwit in the article, right? NOT YOU! The fucker made a comment about doing the county a favor by killing innocent cats, but he’s a PIECE OF SHIT who would be doing the world a favor by jumping into a woodchipper! So NO! I am NOT that piece of shit filth in his filthy clothes living life with a gun attached to his SICK greasy hands being a complete psychopath! I love all animals and that THING with a gun is the reason good gun owners get a bad rap! That filth is the epitome of SHIT from his mama’s crack! That THING with a gun is a complete and utter waste of people meat!

          1. I understand. The monster making all the thumbs down is the filth so you know you’ve touched his little wittle nerves anyway!

            Here what we ALL say to filth like that – WE ARE GOING TO GET YOU PUNK! You live by the gun you die by the gun and by the hanging of your feet, upside down with a blow torch at your sleazy worthless flesh.

            THAT’S what happens next.

            1. I like those thoughts. The world of these punks as you have called them are alien to me. We all know about them. There are films about them. They come across as utterly ignorant.

    1. I’d love to do it. If you revisit the comments you’ll see that either him or one of his buddies has commented and make threats.

        1. Sorry I misread this apparently. I read comments from a list of all comments and not on the page where the article is. I’ll amend it.

    1. omg this sheriff is heartless and sees nothing wrong with people shooting injured animals.. Giddings said the case is far from abnormal. It’s not uncommon in the rural county for a pet owner – or a passerby if no owner can be found – to shoot an injured animal. The attention this dog has received, however, has led to far more scrutiny.

      “If the owner shot the dog, there is not a thing wrong with anything that occurred,” Giddings said. “In Idaho County we carry guns in our trucks, and if an animal is injured on the road we shoot them, whether it’s dogs or deer or elk or you name it.”

    2. Yes, the thumbs up are from cat shooters. I don’t mind because it means they have found the page and are irritated. Great. We need to kick up the dust and disturb the criminal lives of these ignorant oafs.

  3. I love the thumbs down Micheal. Some dreary little troll panting over their inhuman dislike of cats. makes my day.
    The law of disposing of domestic dogs as I have never known it to specify cats are well worded to make sure that dog haters don’t use any loose dog as target practice. Almost by proxy cats will fall under that law as somewhere in most statutes it refers to domestic pets that are astray causing imminent harm to humans or caught in the act of harassing or killing livestock. I think trying to exclude cats and saying since they aren’t mentioned it’s legal would fail to hold up in court. Which of course circles around to the idea of the WGA that they can call ‘feral’ cats an invasive species.

    1. I’ve studied (informally) how the animal welfare laws work in the USA and you’ll find that no US state can support the shooting of feral cats unless under tight criteria which are rarely met. The rednecks get away with shooting feral cats because law enforcement are unconcerned and don’t know the law accurately enough.

      1. Dogs are most commonly mentioned in laws allowing for their disposal because astray dogs can become a real issue for livestock owners. Loose dogs form packs and become a threat for even larger livestock and humans. We do not have packs of feral cats chasing down and killing or injuring livestock or running out on roads and menacing. No one takes a walk out here unless they have a large stick. It’s not unusual to see someone walking with a bat or golf club. Cats probably didn’t come up during meetings or by commissioners who helped pen the current laws or even from public comment.
        Lets go even further in this demented humans failed thinking. Cats control small vermin quite well where wild animals have been driven out. Killing any cat he sees is nothing but blood sport because his flawed thinking doesn’t work. Humane traps and finding a TNR group to help him would help stabilize the cat population in his area and provide the benefits of rodent control all without shooting cats and posting it to facebook. The bag of cat food would probably be cheaper than the ammo he’s blasting away at them with.
        He obviously has a lack of discretion or even self control since the one cat has an obvious collar. So he gladly shot someone’s pet that was absolutely no threat to him or anything he owned , posted it and the local law enforcement shrugged their shoulders. I wish the owner of that pet cat would come forward go to the local DA and start making a stink. Given the mentality of the cat killer they may be afraid to start a confrontation. I’m sure he’s just the most charming (sarcasm) human being you can meet IRL.
        The cat killing DVM lost her job after posting a picture of Tiger perhaps, though far fetched , this tool has a job and those pictures should show up on their FB page or web site. I wouldn’t want to do business with anyone who employed someone with that mentality.

        1. I wish too that cat owners would come forward and complain but I think you make a good point. They are probably worried they’ll encounter trouble. Or they just don’t care. Either way it perpetuates this bad behavior.

  4. In the picture with the 2 cats, the one on the right has a white collar on, obviously not feral. I hope they put an end to him soon, how can he get away with killing bobcats? Are they feral cats also?

    1. Thanks for that important observation Patrick. It is appreciated. I might contact the police in fact. See whether I can get them to talk to him. He needs a good talking to. Actually he needs a good thrashing.

      1. Sorry I missed that. The s.o.b. needs prison time for killing, especially someone’s pet. His rifle appears to possibly have a scope on it. He should be able to see the collar. ?

        1. Good thought about the collar. He does not care. If the cat is outside he thinks he has the right to shoot at it.

  5. There is nothing wrong with this creature that a body bag wouldn’t improve 100%

    I have worked extensively with those in severe, practical deprivation. Education held in dismissive mockery, yet not once have I come across anyone with such a vast vacuum where compassion should be.

    I have noticed several accounts on social media from the UK, in recent years, where young males are posing with murdered pets, strays, ferals (no one can trust the word of these insults to evolution) proudly posting pictures of their deeds, no shame, no heart.

    There was a flurry of these type of pictures when Ty Nant Sanctuary in Wales was raided by 3 murderous young thugs.

    Let me count the ways we, as a species, have gone so badly wrong….

    ….can’t do it, not enough numbers!

  6. You know that if he was posting pictures of loose dogs he was shooting for fun someone would literally torch his house.

    1. Spot on and a very important point. Some cat owners are incredibly laissez-faire about their cat’s welfare and whereabouts. I think it is because domestic cats are seen as ‘independent’.

    2. It would do the world a favor if someone poured gasoline all around the house and blocked up all the exits. Send this monster to hell where he belongs, and his in-bred little redneck brats, also.

      1. Nice thought. I think you hate him as much as me. Thanks Nikki. He might find out about this article. I hope he does and comment.

  7. Karma will indeed catch up because sooner of later he’s going to post a picture of someone’s missing cat. BTW the Western Governors Association has declared that feral cats are an invasive species.

    Facebook group for cats are NOT an invasive species.

    This subhumans numbers are going to grow now that cat haters have what they will perceive as permission to go hog wild.

      1. I know you did and i was contacted on FB via the review i left on the WGA FB page and joined their group. This is some serious shit going on. This is war on cats not just feral cats but all cats. What he’s put up doesn’t require an owner it’s animal cruelty. Despite what these types think the laws on the right to dispose of someone’s pet are pretty specific. There must be danger to you or your livestock. You may dispatch the animal either during the act of you can in most cases pursue within reason. you cannot dispose of someone’s pet because you don’t like or it keeps you up all night or crapped in your garden. The line between feral cat and our house pets is very fine and nearly indistinguishable when one of them is thrown into a stressful situation as in ‘ was that really my cat in the veterinarians office oh my gosh!!!’

  8. Frances A Danna

    Karma will catch up to this jerk. I cannot even look at the pictures. He literally looks somewhat deranged.This kind of subhuman appears to have no soul. There are many like him.???

    1. Yes, there are many like him all over the planet including the UK and Europe. These sorts of people spoil the planet.

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