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The Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder System Review — 5 Comments

  1. I’m interested. There is no law that says you can simply put a few treats in there is there ? My cats have had treat balls for years and they love them. The activity of getting the food though some form or manipulation seems to entice them. I did have a maze feeder but the Tabbinese Tiger Terror Twins just flipped it over…Which I guess technically means solving the puzzle.

    • ME, I am sure you can put any treat you want in there as long it is eaten fairly promptly if it is wet food. I bought one for my cat and he doesn’t understand it. Great 🙂

  2. Thank you very much for this review, Zach. I must admit that I was skeptical before I read your review. As a consequence of reading your review, I have purchased a mini version of this feeder on Amazon and I will try it out myself in my home. I certainly thoroughly believe in the methodology behind it. It is far more natural to feed in the manner which the device encourages cats to do.

    There is a slight problem with dry cat food but I think this can be overcome by providing wet cat food, as well, out of conventional bowls. I’m certainly going to try it and I hope it works because my cat is a confined cat. He lives in my house and in the garden. The garden has a custom-built cat confinement fence around it. He needs to be stimulated to a maximum. I have a cat stroller which is unusual in the UK. We walk down to the Thames with him which is a magnificent river cutting through London.

    • UPDATE: I have the feeder and my cat has yet to understand how to use it. He does not get the message that he has to push it around to release the dry food pellets. I hope he’ll learn soon. 🙂

  3. Thank you for such an honest and objective review, Zach! I appreciate it that you are addressing the reasons why dry food may not be the best food for cats, BUT I agree that in the real world which includes everything you have mentioned above (plus let’s not forget the convenience of dry food!) there is and will always be a place for it. In our house, all of our 6 cats and now a foster are fed raw food, but we buy decent quality dry which we use as treats in puzzle feeders, or we play what I call “kibble hunt”. This system sounds great except for the size of holes that are probably too big for the size of the kibble we buy. The problem is that most decent quality dry cat food that we buy is small size. Good idea with the tape, but I think we’ll stick to the treat balls with adjustable hole-sizes. Yes, I agree that this system should be used in cat shelters to keep kitties from getting bored. Keep up the great work you are doing and making life for cats better!

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