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The Internet Is The True Home Of The Cat? — 6 Comments

  1. Where I’m stuck having to live, I’m not allowed to have pets, so this is my only choice! It’s better than no cat!

    • Lora, You make a very good point and it is a point that I had not thought about. For many people who are not able to keep a cat or a dog because the restrictions by the landlord is it still possible to gain enjoyment from a pet through videos and connections on the Internet. Thank you for that thought.

      I am a bit old-fashioned and do not like the celebrity Internet cat. I prefer reality, face-to-face contact but do understand your point very well. Thanks for commenting.

  2. For those people who would rather have an internet cat than experience the real deal because there is entertainment, no work, no attachment should have it that way. They would be lousy caretakers for cats.
    Same with those who would rather watch porn instead of having the real experiences because it’s entertaining, no work, and no emotional attachments. They would make lousy partners. They need to just stay where they are.

    • I can only agree with what Dee has said and add that anyone who prefers an online experience of cats isn’t really a cat lover, they are merely Internet users who get pleasure from watching images of cats.

      • i agree with that too. Its not all about being on internet for the cats, You have to be a cat lover and appreciation of all things cats.

      • I totally agree, Barbara, but when you look at that video you see a lot of excited people totally immersed in the Internet cat. To me it seems that a lot of people who are not true cat lovers would prefer to receive all the enjoyment they can from cats from the Internet rather than in person. I am looking into the future here, really.

        It is about the world of convenience and declawing a cat is part of that process as is the Internet cat.

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