The Invisable Rare Fine Malise Cat

The Invisable Rare Fine Malise Cat

by Julie
( Alhambra Il.USA )



My first experience with a feral cat was in 1963. I was four. My parents bought some land and we lived in a basement while they were building the house. One day while visiting an elderly neighbor, I was asked if I wanted a rare "fine maltise cat".

Mr. Eddie disappeared for a few minutes and when he returned he told my father he had placed the cat in the trunk of our car.

We found this odd but Mr. Eddie was eccentric at best. When we got home we opened the trunk and took the gunny sack in then we opened the bag. The cat took off and hid. It was invisible!

My mother had a few restless nights. My Grandmother told her it would steal the babies breath and give us all rabies!

Mother sat out food and water for it every night; which it ate. She put out a litter box which it used. They never saw the cat. No one knew we had a cat...except for me. It slept on my feet. It disappeared pre-dawn.

One summer day my mother opened up all the windows and doors and gave us all pots and pans and metal spoons and said "kids make as much noise as you can!".

After a few minutes "cat" bolted up the basement stairs and disappeared into the woods, never to be seen again.

I am submitting a picture of Freya. She has little tuffs on her ears like a Bob cat. i think she may be part Bombay?


The Invisable Rare Fine Malise Cat

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The Invisable Rare Fine Malise Cat

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Jan 01, 2010 The maltese
by: Julie

For Micheal.The cat was a dark calico.Mr Eddie was very old and lived with his sister. Mr.Eddie loved tall tales,children,animals and strong drink;none of which his sister could abide.She often locked the doors and he would spend the night in the barn with his feral cats. My siblings and I loved to hear his stories and we felt sorry that his sister treated him so badly. Being children, we never realized he was extremely wealthy. He was a kind old soul who loves cats.

Dec 31, 2009 Maltese cat
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Sorry - forgot to type my name. There are too many "Anonymous" around already. 😉

Dec 31, 2009 Maltese Cat
by: Anonymous

Hi Julie. What a funny, yet mysterious story. Hopefully the cat found a good home elsewhere. Thanks for sharing. 😉
There's a short story by Rudyard Kipling titled The Maltese Cat, but I regret to say I have not read it.
Freya looks great.

Dec 29, 2009 Malise,malice,maltese?
by: Jan Plant

Regardless of the name,this was a great story.Your Mr.Eddie sounds like my Uncle Jim,always a prankster.But what a wonderful story.Sorry he disappeared.But the photo you sent is great and the name is unusual as well! Thanks!

Dec 28, 2009 Was this cat grey?
by: Michael

Hi Julie, Was this cat grey? Probably not but I think Mr Eddie was referring to the Maltese cat. ALthough this is a wild guess!

These are cats from Malta in the Mediterranean (I used to live there at one time!) and they are dilute grey.

The gene that produces the colour is called the maltese gene or some such name.

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