The Irish take crimes against cats seriously

Well it nice to know that the Irish take crimes against cats seriously. A 21-year-old intoxicated man, Flood, who has no memory of his crime (he was that drunk), punched a cat that was sitting on a roadside pillar. Fortunately he was seen by a police officer, Laura Hynes. She arrested him. He was charged under the animal welfare laws of Ireland and under a public order offence.

Midlands Prison - where a person who punched cat is currently residing
Midlands Prison – where Flood who punched cat is currently residing. Enjoy. Photo: Collins Photo Agency.
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Judge McLaughlin punished Flood with a one month prison sentence for punching the cat and an additional two months for a public order offence.

Flood is currently in the slammer in Portlaoise. His one month prison sentence for cruelty to the cat pleases me. I believe that a lot of the time people like him get away with this sort of casual cat abuse. The CEO of the ISPCA is also pleased.

“….it’s good to see the courts taking animal cruelty cases seriously. The new animal health and welfare act that came into force in 2014 is a real step forward for Ireland in terms of animal welfare.”

Great, I hope it sends a signal out to others who have a fancy for indulging in casual violence towards animals and cats in particular. Let them be punished. There is no report regarding the welfare of the cat. I hope she/he is alright.

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Source: The Irish Sun.

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