The King of Maine Coons

King of Maine Coons
King of Maine Coons. Photo: copyright Robert Sijka
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He looks like a lion. He has the bearing of a lion. He has the charisma of a lion. He looks unerringly and confidently into the camera lens. His mane is every bit as good as a lion’s. Damn he’s a grey, miniature, domesticated lion called a Maine Coon. The photographer did a marvellous job.

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5 thoughts on “The King of Maine Coons”

  1. That picture is beautiful!

    Maine Coons are truly treasures. My mother had a Siamese that mated with a MC. She kept the female kitten, a long-haired tabby.

    Mojo had the personality of the MC and was a treat! She let you know when the TV was too loud, the water and food bowls were not full enough, and was afraid of nothing. A rottweiler ran across three yards (property) to attack her. When he got into our yard, she sat down and challenged him. He tucked tail and ran home.

    Several years ago, we had another MC mix. Lavender was a muted tortoiseshell. She had a similar personality but loved to snuggle with me while I held her. She would put an arm on each side of my neck and rub my chin.

    I miss them both and treasure the memories of them. Maine Coons are wonderful cats.

  2. Maine Coons sure have a characteristic gaze. The MC that I had was physically very small, and in fact weighed only a few pounds by the time he died, but his personality was unmistakingly Maine Coon. He made friends wherever he went, especially at the vets where all the women loved him back. I believe now that I think of it, that his desire to make new friends was so strong that it led him to spend a lot of time with other home-owners in my neighborhood. I didn’t understand that at the time, however, and I took it to mean he was unhappy with me. So, here I am still learning about his personality years after he’s been gone. It’s humbling and makes me love and miss him even more.


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