The kitten I want to adopt had ringworm

From Deb Bevan

I have a kitten that I want to adopt. He has been treated for ringworm and I am told he is fine now. Is there a chance for the ringworm to return as I have other animals in the house?

Please answer as asap. The sooner this little guy gets forever home the better.


Response from Michael:

Ringworm is contagious plant-like growth – a fungus (as I am sure you know). It can be transmitted from cat to cat and cat to person and vice versa. I think the key to this is to try and get a caste-iron guarantee from your vet that it has been treated successfully because it is tricky to diagnose and difficult to treat which is what my vet told me and he is good. I have had personal experience of this.

If the ringworm has been treated successfully and this kitten is fine (as you say) than there is no problem as it won’t come back unless a person or a cat transmits it to him/her in the future. But as I state, you have to make sure that it has gone and that may be a bit tricky.

Good luck Deb.


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The kitten I want to adopt had ringworm — 1 Comment

  1. I’ve treated ringworm on cats AND myself quite a few times. It’s not uncommon in multicat households or facilities where new cats are taken in. It has nothing to do with the health or cleanliness of the cat. The infected cat is not at fault. Likely, they acquired it from their mother or another cat. It’s contagious but non-lifethreatening and easy to cure.
    If a “knowing” person told you the kitten is cured and you see no signs of it, then there should be no problem.

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