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  1. ‘Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens’ from ‘Some of my favourite things’ Kittens and of course their diddy whiskers and whisker pads are definitely some of my favourite things and these little darlings are no exception 🙂 I’m so glad they are all safe with you and not fighting for survival in this awful weather. They are beautiful 🙂

  2. Thank u all so much for ur kind words regarding my Queenie (my 18 year old cat who I lost on Friday) I adopted her 2 years ago from Ark as a 16 year old with hyperthyroidism – she had been. There over 6 months and awas a grumpy old thing but I couldn’t bear to see her there anymore as she was getting very depressed – she was the first cat that I ever owned and I may. Not have had for a very long ttime but she made her mark and was my girl through and through. I will miss her terribly but she is free from pain and I hope someone up there will look after her till I can join her again xxx

    • Danielle if there is no one else up there to look after Queenie for you, our late mother will certainly do so. She was the greatest cat lover ever and I can just picture her there surrounded by our cats we have loved and lost and by all the cats who had no one waiting for them there too.
      Take care, I feel so sad for you xx

  3. Sorry I haven’t replied to u guys earlier – I sadly had to get my 18 year old cat Queenie put to sleep last night so I’ve been in a bit of a state to say the least xxx

    • Oh no that’s awful – you must be feeling terrible I’m so sorry I wish there’s something I could do or say to make you feel better. 18 years is such a long time I can’t imagine how it is to lose and long time companion after so many years.

      Thank you for writing this article and coming and sharing even thought you are going through such a difficult time. I hope she had a peaceful last few days with you. I hope you got to spend whatever quality time you needed to say goodbye to her.

      Oh dear – well good luck and hope you feel better when the time comes. RIP Queenie – we are thinking of you.

  4. Just heard about the dreadful weather last night where you are and the damage, hoping you get as much support as Kays Hill have had, you are so far out from civilisation it must be even worse there!

    • Yes weather was really bad had amassive storm come through last night and this morning thunder lightening and a layer of hailstones that were huge – water was running down the road like streams
      Got a few dry stone walls down and the floodgate at the bottom of the beck has disappeared not nice xx

  5. Hey Danielle – wow I love kittens so much. They are all adorable aren’t they. I like the one in number 7 🙂 He/She looks like a real sweetie. Prancer right? But they are all wonderful. It’s so much fun having kittens around to play with – they can just play and play for hours on end. They can make a game out of any object it’s just amazing how curious and intuitive they are.

    Thanks for sharing – it’s so nice to see some healthy looking kittens but now we must all keep our fingers crossed they all get a nice home and familly for the rest of their lives.

    Happy Christmas 🙂

    • Yes that’s little prancer in number 7 a little girl – she is the one that likes to sit on ur shoulder whilst u r doing things – such a sweetie
      Yes hopefully get homes but many people don’t want black and whites and lot of people have actually turned down these little darlings for that reason already xx

      • Aw I love little Prancer. I love black and white cats – I never realized people didn’t want them. I always thought it was only the all black ones. I went to a shelter to get a cat once and there were so many black ones I just asked them which if them had been there the longest and took that one. I called her Lilly and she has been the most wonderful cat ever – so sad to think of her as being ‘unwanted’ or my Gigi who is black and white. I actually wanted a black and white cat when I got Gigi so I felt lucky Gigi just showed up at the right time.

        I remember being at the shelter and the wall of cages and if you stood close all these little black arms were reaching out to try and touch you. Most of them young black cats – so sweet and they all just seemed so lovely and friendly and they just wanted to play and cuddle but they were stuck in those cages.

        Anyhow – hey all look lovely and healthy so fingers crossed they get taken in pairs so they always have a brother or sister with them to help them feel more secure in their new homes. In my dream world all cats would be adopted out in pairs from litters if there’s enough obviously. It also means that they don’t end up being alone. n I know some cats are better alone but they are usually already older. With kittens its nice because they can play together and if the person works no one single cat will be left at home alone and bored. It takes the pressure off less ‘involved’ cat caretakers because there are plenty of those and I feel much better about the situation if there are two together so they don’t ‘need’ the human to play and stimulate and be involved because they have eachother.

        I’d love to bring one of your kittens home they are so pretty…… 🙂

        • Couldnt agree with u more – we only ever adopt single kittens out if the person already owns a youngish cat and is home a lot otherwise they take a pair or nothing. We get an awful lot of flack from people from doing it that way (u wouldn’t believe the amount) but it’s our policy and we stand by it!
          Prancer she is gorgeous she even has a twin called cupid xxx

  6. Thanks Danielle for showing us these adorable kittens. They are so vulnerable. I feel for them and hope they find a nice home. Happy Christmas.

  7. Danielle they are so beautiful, yes my heart just melts to see those photos. Thank you so much for sharing them. I hope they all get wonderful homes.

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