The Latest Adventures of Walter and Jozef

Walter and Jozef will soon be 13 years old, Walter in July and Jozef in August. When they were kittens they were inseparable, Walt a month older than Jo was the ring leader in all their mischief, running madly around the house and diving into every cupboard and drawer. He was hyperactive. Jo who was much smaller for his age ran on his little legs trying to keep up with his brother.

Walter and Jozef
By Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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Walt’s favourite game was running up the net curtains and striking the wind chimes hanging from the curtain rail, but poor Jo couldn’t manage that climb so we had to lift him up for his turn. Great fun but exhausting keeping Walt amused while Jo and our older cat Ebony had a sleep.

As they grew up they didn’t bother much with each other, just had an odd play fight now and again but never curled up together to sleep or went around together any more. Strangely enough though, lately after years of mostly merely tolerating each other, they seem to have become much closer.

The wash house roof is Walter’s favourite place outside to snooze in the sun but he didn’t like to share it, if Jozef was there first he’d give him a whack and chase him off. But now he shares it nicely with him, they lie up there together for hours on fine days. He also allows Jo to share his (and Barbaras) bed, he really has mellowed!

The other morning Jozef brought a young rabbit home, it’s the third one he has brought lately, he must have discovered where they live on the embankment behind our houses here. How he carries them home in his tiny mouth we will never know, but there he was on the lawn with the rabbit in front of him. Before we could get out to rescue it, it started hopping away and Jo jumped on it and felled it.

It looked dead, I’d just taken a photo when suddenly it resurrected and hopped away with the 2 cats in hot pursuit. How clever it was to lie ‘doggo’. I’ve seen mice and birds do that so the cat gives up the chase, but never a rabbit. Anyway I managed to grab it while Babz distracted the cats and it was definitely alive and kicking!

We have no gates at the back of our houses here so off I went with the rabbit in my arms, in my dressing gown and croc shoes, along the Grove to the cut between the houses leading to the back path which is between our houses and the embankment.

I heard MEOW MEOW behind me and turned round to find one of the young cats who live opposite, following me. We call her ‘Mad Eyes’ as she’s quite crazy. She wound round and round my legs meowing all the way, then got distracted by a bird so I was able to deposit the rabbit through the railings to the embankment without her seeing. It hopped happily away and I set off back home with my little talkative companion only to find Walter coming to meet me, so the three of us made our way home.

Walter and Jozef two cats living in England
By Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Both our boyz are kind to those young cats unless they dare to enter their territory, then it’s a different story, they are soon told to get out! Narla was on our wall waiting for us, she’s a neighbour’s cat who has come for years, she loves to be out and her dad doesn’t worry knowing she can dine here and we keep an eye out for her safety.

It’s a good job no neighbours were around to see me in the rain in my nightclothes, having conversations with a rabbit and trying not to trip over cats and playing waitress to our visitors, although I think they already know Babz and I are the resident crazy cat ladies lol

Meanwhile Jozef had finished his breakfast and was planning to go off again. Later he returned with his second catch of the day, a mouse, of which he ate the top half…yuck…leaving the rest just outside the window for Walter who decided to reject his kind gift and leave it for our resident crow ‘Jim’ to swoop down and carry away.

Life without cats around would be simple but very dull!

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

27 thoughts on “The Latest Adventures of Walter and Jozef”

  1. I love the roof garden. A little bit of safe vegetation to wander through and sleep in. It is nice that it is above ground and therefore safer. I am a bit surprised to read about Jozef preying on rabbits. I suppose it is part of their natural lifestyle which is excellent. My cats rarely preys on anything – actually he never preys on anything come to think of it.

    I’m lucky to get Charlie outside. In fact, I have to carry him out most often and sit with him working on my computer on my deckchair in the garden while he wanders around me! He has never caught a thing. I’m quite envious of you having a genuine hunter in the family.

    • It’s the top of an old building that used to be a wash house when these houses were first built, ours is the only one left and it’s ideal for our boyz, with the catnasium leading up to it.
      Birds must have dropped seeds to make it into a garden.
      Yes Jozef is our little hunter, maybe because his dad was feral.
      Charlie obviously loves being with you Michael, it’s a good idea to carry him outside for some fresh air.
      The photo is when we first moved here, Ebony and Bryan sadly both gone now, but the wash house still standing with its added roof garden.

  2. A lively adventure for all.
    Such a good read. Made me chuckle.
    I guess we all have some pretty tolerant neighbors or they just enjoy the shows we put on.
    I race around sometimes with just a t-shirt to midthigh. Never a complaint.

    • They must realise we are all members of the crazy cat ladies club lol
      Laughed today as Narla’s dad was standing at our gate chatting to us, she was hanging around and just as he turned to go home she sent him flying, good job he didn’t hit the deck lol as we would still have had to laugh at his surprised face. I’m sure Mad Eyes and Jo and Walt were laughing too.

    • Dee was it you wanted to see our resident crow ‘Jim’ who takes away the dead mice?
      Here he is, I got some photo of him at last:

      • No, I don’t think it was me. But,I happy to see Jim. He must be a very watchful and useful fella. I don’t know a lot about birds, but old Jim looks like he may have been in a scuffle or two in his time.

        • He was having a fight on our roof today! The noise was incredible for 2 birds. He’s on a neighbour’s roof across the Grove in the picture, he must have incredibly good eyesight to spot the tiny mice.

  3. They’re such lovely cats, funny and loving and they keep on surprising us, we’re so relieved that they’re both over their virus and have put a bit of weight back on. It’s in the eighties here this afternoon and sure enough they’re out in the garden together, Walter on the catnasium and Jozef on the shed roof. That rabbit was clever, he played dead until Jo was distracted then made a run for it, unfortunately he couldn’t have got out as he ran to the wrong corner but all was well when Ruth rescued him, we don’t like things being killed but as Jo say that is what cats do instinctively.

  4. Amen, Ruth!

    I can’t imagine life without kitties.

    I wonder when people will finally understand that cats are predators- hunters- instinctively.. and are not “bad” cats. While I hate to see any animals killed by cats, it is their nature- it is hard-wired into their brains to hunt-kill-

    I am glad this rabbit survived- but we have to understand feline nature- and not blame the cats for this behavior. Sorry to go off on a toot- but ….. cats are cats.

    • Yes cats are cats and that’s why we love them isn’t it, they don’t pretend to be what they are not. It’s sad when mice and rabbits and birds are killed but it’s Nature and all animals respect that, it was all planned to balance the species…until humans came along and interfered. We rescue the ones we can and accept the death of the ones we can’t, the numbers of prey killed by cats is miniscule to the number of animals, birds and fish killed by human beings.

  5. That must have been a hardy rabbit. Maybe British bunnies are tougher than American ones. Rabbits don’t usually survive Monty using them as a playtoy. He’s always after something out there, but often his prey escapes him when he lets it go so he can have the fun of catching it again. I tell him he’s just nothing but a furry bully. He does not care.

    Grabbing the rabbit was a bold strategy. I usually just grab Monty, but then I only have one cat to contend with. I laughed reading about the other cats following you as you were walking in the rain in your nightclothes carrying the rabbit. That’s not too much different than happens around here. The neighbors have all seen me out there in my pajamas, I’m sure, dealing with some emergency, like Monty stuck in a tree or confronting another cat in his territory.

    • All the rabbits have survived apart from one, we haven’t seen how Jo carries them but suppose it’s by their scruff as they are never injured. It’s a wonder all the cats from opposite didn’t come with me lol I’d have looked like the Pied Piper, only with cats instead of rats.
      I love reading about Monty’s adventures, he sounds such a character!

  6. Oh Ruth. . .I can so understand!! Although my “kids” are all indoor babies (mainly because of where I live), I can remember my Misty when I was still at home (I had her for 19 yrs) catching anything that moved. . . you name it, she got it. . .most of the time I was able to put her butt in the house and release the frightened animal. . . she would only kill mice or birds. . . everything else was a “play toy” and she hated my taking away her toys. . .it was actually kinda funny. . . it got to the point that if she saw me, and she had a “toy”, she would run the other way so I wouldn’t steal it from her. . . but as she got older, she didn’t go out much, and after I moved to my current residence (her last 3 or 4 yrs alive), she didn’t mind being indoor only as long as she had her “Mom”. . . <3

    • Misty must have been a very good hunter like our Jozef, bless her, she had a lovely long life with you, I bet you miss her.
      Jo almost always brings them home alive, just wants to give us gifts I suppose. Walter rarely catches anything but when he does land a mouse he brings it sticking out of his mouth like a cigar, its head in over, and he has a certain meow as he approaches.
      We are very lucky where we live that our cats can enjoy doing what cats like to do and keep the neighbourhood mouse free.

      • Misty was one in a long line of kitties since I was a child. She was my first female — she picked me when I first went to the place to pick out a kitten. I just sat on the floor, and she chose me. I literally had her for half my life — got her when I was 20 — she passed when I was just about 40. I truly miss her. She was my angel kitty. She is the one who taught me that I was to be a Mom Cat forever. I could go on and on about the special attributes she had and taught me, but I think you get the picture — and understand. That was also when my Mother realized the unique bond I had with kitties. She told me to “never lose that”. . .hence, due to my mom — and Misty, I currently have 12 — all adopted or rescued. . .<3 <3 <3 <3

        • It would be lovely to see some photos of your cats sometime if you have any, yes I understand how passionately you love cats, as I do too, always have, always will 🙂 and I think the best people are true cat lovers!

          • unfortunately, I don’t have any of my earlier cats — don’t yet have a scanner to upload actual pics, but I do have pics of all of my current ones as well as the 3 who have crossed in the last 2 yrs. . .friend me on facepoop so I can post them for you (Diane Ricciardi Stewart)


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