The Latest Adventures of Walter and Jozef

Walter and Jozef will soon be 13 years old, Walter in July and Jozef in August. When they were kittens they were inseparable, Walt a month older than Jo was the ring leader in all their mischief, running madly around the house and diving into every cupboard and drawer. He was hyperactive. Jo who was much smaller for his age ran on his little legs trying to keep up with his brother.

Walter and Jozef
By Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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Walt’s favourite game was running up the net curtains and striking the wind chimes hanging from the curtain rail, but poor Jo couldn’t manage that climb so we had to lift him up for his turn. Great fun but exhausting keeping Walt amused while Jo and our older cat Ebony had a sleep.

As they grew up they didn’t bother much with each other, just had an odd play fight now and again but never curled up together to sleep or went around together any more. Strangely enough though, lately after years of mostly merely tolerating each other, they seem to have become much closer.

The wash house roof is Walter’s favourite place outside to snooze in the sun but he didn’t like to share it, if Jozef was there first he’d give him a whack and chase him off. But now he shares it nicely with him, they lie up there together for hours on fine days. He also allows Jo to share his (and Barbaras) bed, he really has mellowed!

The other morning Jozef brought a young rabbit home, it’s the third one he has brought lately, he must have discovered where they live on the embankment behind our houses here. How he carries them home in his tiny mouth we will never know, but there he was on the lawn with the rabbit in front of him. Before we could get out to rescue it, it started hopping away and Jo jumped on it and felled it.

It looked dead, I’d just taken a photo when suddenly it resurrected and hopped away with the 2 cats in hot pursuit. How clever it was to lie ‘doggo’. I’ve seen mice and birds do that so the cat gives up the chase, but never a rabbit. Anyway I managed to grab it while Babz distracted the cats and it was definitely alive and kicking!

We have no gates at the back of our houses here so off I went with the rabbit in my arms, in my dressing gown and croc shoes, along the Grove to the cut between the houses leading to the back path which is between our houses and the embankment.

I heard MEOW MEOW behind me and turned round to find one of the young cats who live opposite, following me. We call her ‘Mad Eyes’ as she’s quite crazy. She wound round and round my legs meowing all the way, then got distracted by a bird so I was able to deposit the rabbit through the railings to the embankment without her seeing. It hopped happily away and I set off back home with my little talkative companion only to find Walter coming to meet me, so the three of us made our way home.

Walter and Jozef two cats living in England
By Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Both our boyz are kind to those young cats unless they dare to enter their territory, then it’s a different story, they are soon told to get out! Narla was on our wall waiting for us, she’s a neighbour’s cat who has come for years, she loves to be out and her dad doesn’t worry knowing she can dine here and we keep an eye out for her safety.

It’s a good job no neighbours were around to see me in the rain in my nightclothes, having conversations with a rabbit and trying not to trip over cats and playing waitress to our visitors, although I think they already know Babz and I are the resident crazy cat ladies lol

Meanwhile Jozef had finished his breakfast and was planning to go off again. Later he returned with his second catch of the day, a mouse, of which he ate the top half…yuck…leaving the rest just outside the window for Walter who decided to reject his kind gift and leave it for our resident crow ‘Jim’ to swoop down and carry away.

Life without cats around would be simple but very dull!

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

27 thoughts on “The Latest Adventures of Walter and Jozef”

  1. I love to hear about Walter and Jozefs adventures they are such happy cats and I’m so pleased that you can have peace of mind about their safety although I know that some aspects of their safe life is engineered by their mommys which only goes to show haw much they are both loved 🙂

    I’m so please they are now nearly back to their normal little selves again as well 🙂

    • Both are fine now and yes we watch out for them and the other cats who live here too, it’s the best thing about this place, it’s ideal for cats if not for us right now. The barking drives us crazy at times but it doesn’t bother the cats at all.

  2. Wow you must all be so proud that your cats have made it to that age. I really wish mine can make it to that age. My other sister had a cat called Jessee, she made it to 16 i think. In the end she was accidently run over. She had a good life though. They always look so happy. Lovely Photos

    • Hoping to have them a lot more years yet Kylee. Yes they are happy cats and love their garden and territory and so do we when it’s peaceful here.

      • Yea I hope to-nite will be alot more peaceful. Last night had parties again at our at neighbors. Its been hard keeping Jasmine inside at night she always wants to escape. At least just two more nites then i wont have to worry about her being outside. Just one thing I’ve noticed her breath seems to be quite strong. I’ll ask the Vet when i see them on monday. Hopefully it not too bad.


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