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The Leash Laws of Springfield Illinois — 4 Comments

  1. Nothing at all wrong with training a cat to use a harness and leash. I would rather take them outside myself with them instead of letting the cats run loose and get into fights, hit by vehicles, tortured by cruel people, etc. That’s why we also have a large double wired cat run (or “catio”, if you prefer) built alongside our house. Our cats (and small dogs) use this run all the time, and can access it 24/7 by a doggie door. No excuse to let cats (or dogs) free roam. Also I think cats as well as dogs should be vaccinated against rabies and licensed.

  2. It’s already a mandated law in Anchorage,AK which is where I learned to get my then cat ‘Tahiska’ used to a halter and lead,it grips my arse when peeps say cats cant learn to walk with a halter and lead but they are wrong,I’m proof they can because my ‘Riley,Clover and Molly’ do walk with a halter and lead and they were already adult cats by the time they learned,they dont have to be kittens.

  3. It’s hard to contain cats without an enclosure and most do not like leashes. You have to start young.

    I keep mine inside and have for thirty years. Too many bad people live out there.

    I do think she should try to determine if that woman trespassed on her property.

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