The long March

The long March

by Michelle & Edward Swift
(United States)

I personally know this cat that you call a LT. He is real, many people know him and it gives reality to a story because so many people know him. To many he is the savior of not only feral kittens but humans in the way of visiting the elderly and elderly shut-in’s and putting a smile on their faces by as well as being so patient to give children a reason to read without us being so harsh on them.

He doesn’t care if they make mistakes he accepts them for who they are and doesn’t critize then for their errors. Motzie, in your story actually gives reality to it because people know just who he is and he is known world wide. You chose one of the best characters that is actually real.

Edward Swift Eddiesexotics

PS: His owner is the last of the Woman’s Army Corp beginning of the regular Army and his name Matanah Me Al is Hebrew for Gift from above (which he is and one of a kind raised with plenty of love) aka Motzie and he is very fitting for your book!

We have had many people referred to the story, the children in the reading program want to know when you are going to write the next story. Are you going to, Motzie got many children to love to read especially your books!

The Long March to Warrior Cats

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The long March

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Oct 11, 2009
Next Episode
by: Michael

Thanks for the submission. I have been thinking about another episode recently so your submission has prompted me to do one. Standby…!

To people unfamiliar with this story see the first page here:

Warrior Cat

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