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The love sandwich with a cute cat in the middle

Watson and Kiko are a couple of Golden Retrievers living a life full of adventures and love. They have their own Instagram account. This is the modern trend if you are the human guardian to attractive companion animals and a good photographer.

Watson Kiko and Harry the cat. Photo: Their human companion.

Watson and Kiko have a gem of a relationship as the photographs bear witness. The loving duo became a trio with the addition of an adorable tabby cat, Harry. All three get along like a house on fire.

Watson Kiko and Harry the cat. Photo: Their human companion

What’s interesting is we do not know the name of their human companion who is the photographer. Therefore I cannot give a credit for these excellent photographs. They are no doubt staged and set up but that does not diminish their quality. Although, for me, they are too dark (I have lightened some of them slightly). The Instagram embedded pics below show how dark they are.

Watson Kiko and Harry the cat. Photo: Their human companion.

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The family probably live in America or Canada because the landscape is beautiful and wild. There’s snow on the ground and there are wide open spaces with big skies which all add to the excellent mood of the photographs.

In some the photographs on the Instagram website you will see a hedgehog! He or she is incredibly cute as well which makes it a foursome. I have a feeling that the photographer is female and that she just might be living alone with her companion animals. There are some great female photographers.

Although, the photographs are quite intricately set up which implies that she has help. You need a wrangler to create these sorts of photographs. One person operates the camera and the other wrangles the animals because the photographer only gets a fleeting moment when they are all nicely lined up and behaving themselves!

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