The Loves Of My Life

The Loves Of My Life

by Joni Wojcik
(Apache Junction, Az. USA)

Six Guns Roxy Hart

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Six Guns Roxy Hart

Hi, all my life I was allergic to cats. I am from Chicago, Il. My husband and I moved to Arizona five years ago. We always had dogs as pets. When our Cairn Terrier passed we vowed no more dogs! One day I am sitting on my stoop and out from under the house next door four kittens emerged.

My heart reached out to one in particular. Mama cat disappeared and her foursome cried for her for days. We were able to catch three of the kittens. Took them to a no kill shelter. The fourth kitten was not to be caught. I bonded with him. After four weeks he felt comfortable with me and let me pet him. Well, I melted!

At this time we had not made the decision to take him into our home. He too went to the shelter. After one night without the kitten, we adopted him. His name is Jr. Jones. He is an DSH orange tabby. His birthday just passed. He is now four years of age.

Three years ago I adopted a ASH silver tabby from a Ca. breeder. Her name is Six Guns Roxy Hart. I can't imagine my live without my cats.

We live in a large house so the cats have lots of room to run and play. They are in-door only!

Yesterday my husband and I attended a cat show in Phoenix, Az. Had a lot of fun. I did not know that you can show non-purebred cats. "Household", I think is their class. Perhaps we can show our cats someday.

Here are some more photos:

Jr Jones and Roxy two cats
Roxy Hart and Jr. Jones

Roxy an American shorthair cat

Jr Jones a DSH orange tabby
Jr Jones - a DSH orange tabby


Hi Joni.. thanks for sharing. Nice story. Actually a great story.

I notice that you tried to upload some photos of Jr. Jones.

If you email the photos I will upload them for you. Here is my email address:

please change at for @

(this is to stop people hijacking my email address)

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Mar 27, 2010
Show cats
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Joni. They are great looking cats the both of them - Roxy with that very distinctive pattern and Jones in his gorgeous orange fur. I think your observation about the differences having to do with socializing is spot on.
Yes, cat shows can be great fun, so next time don't hesitate to enter your cats in the household class. It's usually more relaxed than the purebred classes where the reputation of the breeder is at stake.
At the shows you get a chance to meet a lot of nice like minded cat people - and a few that only cares about winning.
Some cats really enjoy the attention, some hate it - and of course when the latter is the case, there is no point in going on. How your cats will react, only testing it will tell, so why not? Both have the looks for it. 😉

Finn Frode avatar

Mar 24, 2010
Jr. Jones
by: Joni Wojcik

Hi Tracy,

Thanks for your comments about my Jones. Yes he is a big boy and he is a real gentleman. He and Roxy get along very well. The only thing I dislike about him is he won't cuddle with Roxy. He will tolerate her sharing space but will not allow her to lean on him.

I think this is because he was a stray and Roxy came from a breeder. The difference being Roxy was socialized when a kitten and Jones was not. It took a while for Jones to learn proper etiquette. He is a good boy and I love him dearly!

Best Wishes, Joni

Mar 23, 2010
Jr Jones
by: Tracey

Hi Joni

Jr Jones is a big lad isn't he? He's very handsome, I love his face and markings and I especially love those big toes! Your girl cat is pretty I think you can definately tell you have a girl and a boy.

Mar 23, 2010
Size difference
by: Michael

Hi Joni, what I find interesting is the size difference between Jr. Jones and Roxy. American Shorthair cats ultimately come from European moggies so Roxy should be the same size as Jr. Jones unless he is particlurly big.

But breeders, in my opinion, have selectively breed for a slightly smaller cat, I think. Having seen Helmi Flick photograph an ASH they seem to be smaller than the average random bred cat. I am not sure though.

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