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The Magic Pet Pill-Antibiotics — 4 Comments

  1. I just read a recent study about antibiotic use and its connection to cancer.
    Although the study was geared toward humans, I believe it is probably true for any animal too.
    The study relates that, if a course of antibiotics has been taken 17 times or more in a 20 year period, the risk of any sort of cancer increases by 5 fold.
    It makes perfect sense to me. If we suppress our own immune system over and over with antibiotics, it gives any nasty entity permission to move in and take over.
    Antibiotics need to be used sparingly and only when confirmed evidence of infection is present.

  2. Well find this very interesting and food for thought. I guess we dont really realise how dependent we are on those pills. I guess sometimes we dont always realise what is best for our cats even though our vets may say what we need to hear.

  3. Some people get angry when I talk about ABT (antibiotic therapy) abuse.
    It really just has to stop and people need to learn.
    It makes me crazy when humans get a scratch or bite, or even when their cat gets a minor infection, and they run to get antibiotics.
    For instance, a bite is painful, swollen, reddened, and may even be pussy. Pus is good. That means that white blood cells have raced to the area to help. ABT will not speed up the healing process. It will just push the immune system aside and take over.
    We need to stop encouraging our and our animals’ own natural immune system to become lazy and make us ABT resistant.
    There may be a time when it is important to have all immune systems functioning full force and for antibiotics to give it an added boost, and it will fail.

    • Very well put Dee – I think you are exactly right there. We let the pills take over.

      Another point – we have become too obsessively clean. Our immune systems are getting weaker and weaker. Its very important to be dirty, to build up an immunity to common bacteria that can be found everywhere and which can be easily fended off with a healthy system.

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