The Maine Coon with a Lion’s Face

The Maine Coon with a Lion's Face
The Maine Coon with a Lion’s Face
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Here is a lion’s face for comparison:

The Maine Coon with a Lion's Face

The cat has a black smoke coat I believe. It is very intense. The Maine Coon photo is by the talented Robert Sijka. He has photographed some amazing Maine Coons. I think this breed does produce some of the best looking domestic cats. Although I am not a great fan of selective breeding. I also believe that this cat was bred in Europe or Russia. Americans don’t breed Maine Coons like this. Someone may well correct me.

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3 thoughts on “The Maine Coon with a Lion’s Face”

  1. Yes it is a most strikingly intense Maine Coon, and Mr. Sijka takes a mean photo (pun intended). There may be MC breeders here, but I think there’s more of a national pride thing with them because they are the only original American breed, so I don’t think they’d want to change it much. I’d certainly not want to risk losing the distinctive characteristics, especially it’s size and personality. I had a small MC and he had personality plus – I’ll never forget him.

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