The male lion would easily kill a tiger

The male lion would easily kill a tiger

One year old lion - photo by peasap (Flickr)

One year old lion - photo by peasap (Flickr)

A friend of mine is a lion trainer at Marine World in Vallejo, CA. where they have lots of tigers and lions. They work with each day.

I asked him if a tiger would win in a fight with a lion. He said it would be no contest.

The male lion would easily kill a tiger. Male lions role is to protect his pride.

In doing so, he continually fights and sometimes kills other male lions. These male lions which battle each other are also predators.

He therefore is used to fighting other predators. Tigers kill prey - not large predators. They not only would not have the experience that the lions have, but they don't have the protective mane - which protects the throat.

It would be 'no contest for the lion.'


Hi there... thanks for this useful addition to the debate.

I like what you say and it certainly makes some sense.

Bottom line: we don't really know for sure but with comments and dialogue like this we can build a clearer picture as the likely outcome.

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The male lion would easily kill a tiger to Lion vs tiger

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