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The March Of The Black Kittens — 11 Comments

  1. Are you the photographer associated with this picture?? I’ve done some artwork based upon this image and am looking for the original photographer to get rights squared away, before displaying it.

    • Hi Dreia, thanks for asking but I am not the photographer. I judged the photo to be in the public domain because it was all over the place. These days on the internet there is mass breach of copyright. Pinterest is built upon millions of violations of someone’s copyright. Google images search breaches copyright billions of times annually. Anyway. sorry I can’t help but good luck.

  2. OMG! I can’t stand it. It’s just too precious.
    They have a very good mommy, because they are very healthy looking.
    I wonder if they’re following her.

  3. I had 4 black kittens once,many years ago.When I called black beauties–black beauties,They would all come running.

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