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The Maximum Jail Sentence for Animal Abusers Should Be Five Years — 4 Comments

  1. I think a minimum sentence for animal abuse should be two years, for the smaller crimes, with no maximum for serial animal killers. They never deserve a break. Repeated offenders may not be capable of changing, and should be kept away from the public forever. I do not think this is harsh. It is realistic. Animal abusers are a danger to the rest of the world. Where to put them all…good question.

  2. I’d be happy if most cases weren’t simply dismissed by judges who feel sorry for the humans because they’ll lose their job and the family might suffer. Crying about financial hardship using the pity card is common here. Often with livestock the criminal animal abusers get off by surrendering the animals. More than time served we need a nationwide data base that would make it illegal for any household to have a pet of any kind if there has been an abuse conviction by any person living there.

  3. I feel 5 years should be the minimum penalty and go up from there! We are supposed to care for the creatures of this earth, and it seems that there is more abuse as the human species gets more idiotic and entitled.

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