The Most Famous Cat In The World This Week

The most famous cat in the world this week is Tara. Pretty well everybody knows about her by now. She is an ordinary tabby cat who did an extraordinary thing or at least we think she did but from her perspective it was totally natural and totally ordinary. It is what would be expected of her by other domestic cats.

Family of boy attacked by neighbour's dog with Tara the cat who saves the boy
Family of boy attacked by neighbour’s dog with Tara the cat who saves the boy
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This post is a little follow-up on the story which has been reported by every online newspaper in the world. This website got their first (almost) though ๐Ÿ™‚

You’ll remember that Tara saved a 4-year-old toddler, Jeremy, from being injured further by a dog who was attacking him. Tara raced out and slammed into the neighbour’s dog and then chased him off. I say that it was a mother’s instinct because there was a close bond between the cat and boy since the boy was born.

So what happened next? I guess somebody thought about suing somebody because if a person is injured by their neighbour’s dog some sort of recompense or compensation has to be on the cards.

Jeremy’s father, Roger Triantafilo, is making a claim on his own insurance to pay for his son’s treatment and he does not want his neighbour vilified by the media. I suppose, Roger, could make a claim via a lawyer against his neighbour’s insurance company. In other words, sue his neighbour for compensation.

I think, wisely, Roger has not gone down that route but instead claimed from his insurance company and any shortfall appears to be topped up by his neighbour paying out of his own pocket. That is my reading of the situation. His neighbour has been helpful in suggesting that he pay.

Doing things this way helps to keep the peace between neighbours and it is essential that neighbours are at peace with each other otherwise ultimately someone has to move and nobody wants to do that.

Humans have made a lot of fuss about this but Tara does not know what all the fuss is about. It is just another day for her. Jeremy is recovering well, apparently. He has two nasty bit wounds in his left leg.

Jeremy was, in fact, interviewed on video by local news station but I was unable to embed the video on PoC the technical reasons. The interview is disappointing if I am being totally honest because Jeremy says almost nothing in response to gentle questioning and appears to have no understanding of what happened. Is that normal for a 4-year-old child? It quite possibly is.

Jeremy’s father, Roger, was also interviewed but by Here is a video of the interview:

It is likely the dog will be put down, which is sad to be honest.

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9 thoughts on “The Most Famous Cat In The World This Week”

  1. Actually, Roger must ask the neighbor for their home insurance/renter’s insurance info and file a claim on their own. No lawyer needs to get evolved. (My mom was in insurance for many years.) His insurance agent can contact them as well I believe. In the United States, at least.

    I loved that you gave me the story first over our local sources and I also loved watching all I can about out nation’s Hero Cat as they are calling her. The mother said that Tara has watched over the boy since he was in the crib. Good for her!

    Thanks Michael. Love the new name!

  2. Amazing story have loved hearing it on the news that looks like a tabby moggie. She or he looks very well loved and cared for. It was good of them not to sue. I can imagine anyone sueing. i guess i live in the wrong country.

  3. I had read that Jeremy is somewhat autistic, so he probably has more limited understanding of the situation than another 4 y/o would have.

    1. That explains, at least a little, why he went running after the attack, while bleeding from fresh dog bites. Almost unaware in a way.

      1. It, actually, looks like he was running after the cat to me.
        But, his mother ran, leaving the scene and her child behind.

  4. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Yes this is all over the internet now but I saw it here first on PoC. THE BEST cat web site!
    It’s wonderful press for cats, such a change from people villifying them all the time, maybe some of them will feel guilty now.
    I hope Woody has seen it and realised that he is hating and killing (if he REALLY is) valuable and heroic creatures, surely Tara has won respect for ALL cats.

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