The most horrendous and sad cat video you’ll see

This makes me mad. It makes me sad. It’s about education – the dire lack of it. It is about how a lack of education can and often does lead to cat abuse and cruelty. Ignorance is behind all cat cruelty; all of it, and I hate ignorance. What I’m saying is that ignorance is one of the foundation stones of animal abuse of any kind. It might not be the direct cause but it is an underlying factor.

I can’t show the video on this page as it can’t be embedded but if you are up to it then you can see it on this Facebook page.

It shows a young child roughly handling a Siamese or Ragdoll kitten (or just a pointed cat) but the cat appears to be dead. The mother is filming her child and laughing at the same time. It’s surreal. It’s evil through ignorance. The laughter is killing. It truly is. It says so much about what is wrong with the humans on this planet.

I don’t know if the child inadvertently killed the kitten but it seems that way.

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  1. i feel bad for that animal AND that kid. he/she has NO CLUE that what they are doing is wrong. the fault lies TOTALLY with the parent. the poor kid will eventually see this video when he/she gets older & will forever have to deal with the feelings it only starts there, you know. this is where the general lack of respect for life starts. many of us have seen where it leads.
    a part of me would like to say said parent should never have had children(as the “soup nazi” on FRIENDS would say ‘no kids for you!’). of course doing/saying that means someone would be able to say the same for/about me, my parents, & so on. cuz lets face it WE HAVE ALL MADE MISTAKES & NO ONE is perfect…its just that most of us are lucky enough to NOT have ours broadcast(willingly no less) on FACEBOOK. all of our parents raised us the best they felt they could. the sad thing is somewhere along the line this “parent” was never “taught”, or forgot, that other beings, ANIMAL and HUMAN, SHOULD be treated with the same respect she would expect someone else to treat HER child. somewhere this “parent” “learned” that only certain lives matter, her family being at the top of that list apparently. having “fun” at anothers expense, & especially their peril, is NEVER ok. im not a praying person, but i did take a moment to send “good vibes” to that kid in hopes that THIS doesnt permanently scar it due to its sheer callousness, & a little “time to wake up mom, cuz your kid may treat someone else or even YOU this way some day” vibes to that “parent”.
    this is the kind of video that does NOT have me seeing the best in people, & leaves me weeping for the future that my kids, that know better, will have to live in.
    sorry for being so long-winded people, but as one of my kids used to say as a toddler, ‘this feels me very sad, daddy. i am going to cry.’ i find myself doing the same for that poor animal & that child thats learning that its okay to hurt things…as long as mommy laughs.

    • The baby hasn’t got a clue what he/she is doing. I would highly suggest forced sterilization for the parental units so they cannot raise monsters.

      • ME, I agree completely. . . I was just saying that figuratively out of irritation of watching that disgusting clip. . . ♥

        • My gut reaction is the parental unit thought it would be cute to take a picture of two babies and it went sideways. Why the person kept running video instead of removing the kitten is beyond my scope of understanding. I’m not going to touch the fact the baby should have never had it’s hands on the baby kitten in the first place.

  2. Well it seems that most of the human race finds her sub human. I watched my in-laws allow one of my nieces to do this kind of thing. In fact it became one of the issues that made me exclude them from my life. To this day I would not let this child almost a young woman now near any living creature I have control of. You would not expect to see this in a westernized culture but their own daughter has went through more pets than any one I know aside from my In-laws.

    • Yes, I would expect that most of the human race to find this woman subhuman as you have described her. The evilness of this behaviour for me comes out of the fact that the child is being misdirected and the mother has no comprehension of her ignorance or lack of humanity and morality.


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