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The mysterious deaths of cats indicates foul play is on the increase — 1 Comment

  1. These “scientists” have a perverse penchant for cat-killing and are more dangerous to the community because they are versed in convincing jargon. The felines ARE as much part of the community and anyone, as the birds and the propagandists who excuse the killings. They are no better and definitely much, much, much worse. I did a rough estimation of the so-called “danger” my cats may have been over 19 years, and it’s so negligible I didn’t really have to. I calculated that out of so many hundreds of thousands of cat-hours my (almost 2 dozen) pets had had opportunity to “decimate” outdoor wildlife, they accounted for maybe 0.00001%… something like that. A literal handful of birds, rats, a lizard and a butterfly. I’ve been home all the time and the time they spend out of my supervision is just as insignificant, but I doubled the estimation of kills anyway (less than a dozen over that time period). PEOPLE are more into killing and decimating the environment than all animals combined on the planet, save for cattle probably.

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