The mysterious deaths of cats indicates foul play is on the increase

In Arlington, Texas and in Boise, Idaho, domestic and feral cats are going missing and foul play is suspected. Judging by the nature of the stories I think we can say with some certainty that foul play is clearly the cause by which I mean someone, or a group of people, are killing or stealing cats. If they are stealing cats they are doing it for financial gain such as for the fur market or for training fighting dogs, that kind of obnoxious activity. People killing cats have been indoctrinated with the notion that cats spread disease and kill billions of birds.

I have selected two similar stories concerning two areas but you’ll read about this sort of foul play any day of the week regarding any area. It is not uncommon. It is why many cat owners keep their cats inside. The human predator is perhaps the greatest threat to outside cats.

Frankly it is easy to kill or steal outside cats and get away with it because you can do it without being witnessed. Also law enforcement lack enthusiasm in investigating this sort of crime. The criminals know this and it encourages the killing of cats.

Another encouragement are books such as the recently published Cat Wars written by so called experts. This book recommends the elimination of outside cats. Surely this almost legitimises killing feral cats and when you kill feral cats you also kill outside domestic cats. These are someone’s animal companion.

The extract below from a Facebook post sums up the Boise cat killer saga:

Cat killer at large
Cat killer(s) at large
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The cats are missing or they come home dying. My guess is that the ones who come home have been poisoned while the ones who are never found are simply killed perhaps with a bullet.

It seems all so casual and almost predicable. Take Barry’s story. On 4th August 2016 in the early hours he let his female and male cats outside, made some coffee, checked his emails and social media before letting his cats back in. They had disappeared for good.

Here is his post on Facebook:

Barry's forever lost cats
Barry’s forever lost cats

As for the Arlington, Texas missing feral cat story it has a similar flavour. Many community cats have disappeared or been killed. These appear to have been semi-feral cats looked after for ten years by the local businesses under a TNR program. Everything was in order in terms of animal and human welfare and yet someone decided to take the law into his own hands and surreptitiously get rid of the cats.

The cats just don’t turn up anymore. And this has happened over the past fortnight. A dozen cats have been found dead while many are simply missing. The police have been informed. What chance of anything happening? Very little. The chances are that most have been poisoned. Poisoning is the first choice of the cat hater/killer. It is so easy and effective.

Now there are crosses in memory of the lost cats.

Sarah Hughes said:

“This was one of our missing momma cats…We found her deceased under one of these businesses.”

The cats were part of the community and not bothering anyone. It is a vile crime to hurt and kill them. Foul play is afoot.

When it comes to outside cats foul play is not uncommon. And that applies to anywhere in the world.

I sense that due to the increased number of written attacks against outside cats online in the form of news items, studies by “scientists” and book summaries the cat hater and killer is become bolder and empowered to go his criminal work. It needs to stop. The scientists are fostering criminal behaviour.

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  1. These “scientists” have a perverse penchant for cat-killing and are more dangerous to the community because they are versed in convincing jargon. The felines ARE as much part of the community and anyone, as the birds and the propagandists who excuse the killings. They are no better and definitely much, much, much worse. I did a rough estimation of the so-called “danger” my cats may have been over 19 years, and it’s so negligible I didn’t really have to. I calculated that out of so many hundreds of thousands of cat-hours my (almost 2 dozen) pets had had opportunity to “decimate” outdoor wildlife, they accounted for maybe 0.00001%… something like that. A literal handful of birds, rats, a lizard and a butterfly. I’ve been home all the time and the time they spend out of my supervision is just as insignificant, but I doubled the estimation of kills anyway (less than a dozen over that time period). PEOPLE are more into killing and decimating the environment than all animals combined on the planet, save for cattle probably.


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