The mysterious Mary Dandruff aka Mary Healthy and Mary Yummy Cooking

I have been trying to make some sense of the mysterious ‘Mary Dandruff’. Clearly a made-up name and one which is associated with sticking objects onto cats which look like engorged (with blood) ticks. The pictures look very convincing, and they have indeed convinced many social media users on Facebook and YouTube who are aghast at what they see but feel impotent to do anything about it. Click on the link to see an example. I can’t show the image on the page as there are adverts here.

Image meant to look like this kitten’s head is covered in ticks and that they are being removed with tweezers.

‘Mary Dandruff’ glues parasite-like objects to cats claiming they are ticks

They genuinely believe that this woman is abusing cats and she is but in a much milder way than people think because these are just beans stuck onto cats with glue, I guess. But this woman wants people to think that she is removing ticks from cats as we see her use tweezers to remove them.

Mary Dandruff removing dandruff!

But having done a bit of research on this I quickly found a series of Facebook videos and photographs of Mary Dandruff removing horrendous amounts of dandruff (fake dandruff, I am sure) from the head of an Asian man. And Mary Dandruff’s hands are those of an Asian woman. Here are some screenshots from the videos.

I have heard that she is Vietnamese, but I don’t know. The first picture above shows ‘Mary Healthy’ on Facebook. Is this her or has she stolen an image from social media? Is the real Mary Dandruff a man? I do believe that the person is a woman. She clearly seeks celebrity but in an anonymous way. She appears to be intelligent and knows that she can befuddle and bemuse people in her goal of seeking celebrity and I guess annoy people at the same time. I also believe that she knows that the Facebook administrators are very poor at removing abusive images and videos. Therefore, she actually abuses Facebook as well.

And it seems possible that this woman started off with the dandruff videos and images hence her name Mary Dandruff but at that time named herself Mary Healthy as well. And perhaps in a former social media life she also called herself Mary Yummy Cooking. Is this her? She looks different.

Mary Yummy Cooking

Mary Yummy Cooking on Pinterest
Mary Yummy Cooking on Pinterest. A failure for her.

The cooking aspect of the story is interesting because I have seen quite a number of Asian women presenting a whole series of cooking videos on social media. To Westerners the dishes look horrendous. They look completely inedible especially when they cook animals like endangered giant salamanders. But I think the videos are meant to horrify and shock.

If I’m right, this Vietnamese woman started off as ‘Mary Yummy Cooking’ but that failed and therefore, she moved on to the dandruff videos and Mary Dandruff and then escalated it up to sticking tick-like objects on cats under the same pseudonym. I think she did this because she knows that videos and images of cats are very popular and wanted to give the impression that the animals were being abused which creates a lot of shock.

Her objective is to create shock and through that to generate celebrity anonymously.

I’ve been asked to write to the CEO of Facebook now Meta to try and get these images and videos removed but I don’t think that I will succeed because in a strict sense they are not sufficiently abusive of animals to motivate Facebook to remove them as we already know that they are very bad at that task.

I feel that I have inched a bit closer to understanding the woman.

Final twist – killing

There is another potential twist. Years ago, I wrote about a narcissistic woman who tortured her pretty cat in her washing machine and killed her. She uploaded it to Facebook and pictures of herself. She is Asian but was never tracked down. Is she the same woman? Click on the link below to read her story.

Asian woman tortures and kills her cat in washing machine and uploads picture on Instagram (Video)

And here is another horror story from Asia designed to shock Westerners:

Pretty woman chomps down on whole, cooked domestic cat?

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