The Neediest Cat or a Loving Cat Caretaker

The video maker entitles it “The Neediest Cat in the World”. Nice title but wrong if we are serious. It is the behavior of a cat who wants to be near and interact with his human caretaker because he enjoys it. Therefore the caretaker is a good one on the basis that he is around sufficiently. It maybe the case that the caretaker is away a lot and the cat seeks attention as a result. Can a cat be too “needy”?

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6 thoughts on “The Neediest Cat or a Loving Cat Caretaker”

  1. Serbella ,
    I agree with your statement.
    Of course the cat may need something besides the obvious show of affection returned. It could have a medical situation, or could need fresh food and water?But there is no concrete evidence on the surface of anything more going on other than being left alone too much.

  2. This is Kody, of Kody and Shorty fame via youtube. He makes good videos of them. This is just a concept video he made, purposely ignoring and making Kody reach for him to show that behavior. He doesn’t really think Kody is needy in a bothersome sense, but he gets that other people think that way and could relate. He dotes on his cats a lot, and if you see his other videos, they love playing his games. He sets them up for many funny antics. He does think cats are awesome.

  3. This seems very sweet. You can tell that the cat wants attention from the guardian. The cat may not get as much “quality” time as desired. When my cat comes to me for cuddling, I stop everything else, and focus only on her. She stretches out in my arms, and looks lovingly into my eyes, then touches my face lightly with her paw. If I do look away at the computer, she gives out a little sound that gets my attention. I treasure these moments.

    I love the last image in the video, of the paws. That’s a contented kitty!

  4. Cats can’t win. If they act like they want to be around humans they’re labeled as needy. The stereotype of the aloof feline is in full force otherwise.


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