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Link now broken at March 2013.

by Brightstar

The New Warriors is an awesome new roleplaying site! As of right now, we still need medicine cat apprentices! We’re based in the lake territory, with ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, WindClan, SkyClan, the Tribe, Loners, Rogues, and Kittypets. The site leaders are myself, Sunstar, and Mossstar. Please come!!!

Link: The New Warriors – link broken March 2013.

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Jun 12, 2009
by: Sunstar

We no longer have major positions open. We have med cat apprentices…….! 😀

Mar 28, 2009
Awesome Site!
by: Anonymous

This site is really cool! They have a lot of members, but aren’t really crazy. It’s just a lot of fun to be a member there. They have some higher positions open still, so join up!

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