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The Old Feral Tom Cat — 3 Comments

  1. My old cat was a former feral cat who decided one day he had taken a shine to me. Because he was neutered so late, he still had feral traits – big head, 20 lbs, he would spray to mark territory, and he was a quick and stealthy hunter. He was unafraid of other cats and people, serene & placid even as he refused to be picked up or moved or made to do something he didn’t prefer, but because he had been hunted by urban feral dogs, he was terrified of dogs. He was the single smartest cat I have known in my life, and he wasn’t a cuddler but he would jump up on my shoulder and allow me to walk around with him so long as his head was the equal of mine. After he chose, for whatever reason, that one day to give up the feral life and follow me into the warehouse where I worked, and jump up onto my desk, he lived with me for 17 years. It is curious how they sometimes pick people, why? I don’t know. Miss that dear old boy, forever.

    • Wow, that is a nice story. They are special friends when they choose you like that. I guess he knew life was better with you. I like the whole cat, the unneutered cat. They are different and harder to live with and no one should not neuter their cat but despite that I like unneutered male cats. They behave more like wild cats.

      Thanks for sharing.

      • One of my first cats, Scrapper, was a late-neutered ex-feral tom. He was the most intelligent cat I’ve known and he bonded so closely with me that he’d walk to heel. The, of course, there was Mr Minns, who decided to come in from the cold … in some ways the natural successor to Scrap-cat.

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