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The Olympic Games Is a Cat and Dog Killer — 5 Comments

  1. Would love to know what the reasoning is behind this. How is removing animals make the country look good? Animals do not litter or destroy property, animals do not accost people on the street and rob or kill them, animals do not sell drugs to children, etc, funny how they do not round up certain humans and kill them to make their city look good while they are at it, only animals who are probably in the street due to a decision made by a human. Then we deal with the consequences of our cruel decisions by more cruelty to innocent victims who have to suffer juzt to survive what we did to them and many do not again at our hands.

  2. The topic of cat and dog meat trade is a brutal one. Totally unreal. I cannot even comprehend how anyone could attend an event where this is happening, much less even attempt to eat a tortured animal, while listening to the screams of these poor souls all around them. This has to be one of the most inhumane practices the human race has ever come up with.
    Moving on to the Olympic Games, I totally agree with the fact that they have become a burden on the host countries. I think that the whole concept has outlived itself. 😨

    • I am pleased you agree with me about the burden of the games. They have become too big, driven by business, and cities no longer want to host them. Add that to drug taking and the system is creaking.

  3. I could not agree more. Another aspect of the Olympics in South Korea is that they, like China, Vietnam and many other Asian countries, eat dogs and cats. Apparently they are preparing for this great influx of visitors to partake of this “food”. Of course, they hold to the ridiculous notion that if you torture an animal before it dies, it makes the meat tastier. I’m sure you have seen the pictures. I don’t plan to watch one minute of the Olympics, but to be really effective, what I need to do is just sit down and contact some of the advertisers, and tell them why.

    • Thanks Carol. Yes, I have written many pages on cat meat. I am about to mention it again in another page. Horrible concept. There are no animal welfare laws in China. None that I know of. How the US and the UK can trade with them knowing this is beyond me.

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