The Onychectomizer or Partial Digitalectomy Severance Device

Resco declawing guillotine

Resco declawing guillotine

The devices mentioned in the title to this article are made-up words, glamorized versions of the cheap Resco Nail Trimmer.

The Resco Nail Trimmer is probably the most disgusting piece of equipment that an American veterinarian uses but, OMG, he uses it thousands of times. The Resco nail trimmer is possibly the most used item in his arsenal of equipment. It is used to cut off the last phalange of the toe of a cat; of every toe on both forepaws of the cat.

It is, therefore, not a trimmer of a cat’s nail at all. It is the most devious misrepresentation in the veterinarian’s dictionary. Far from trimming the nail of a cat, this nasty device mutilates a cat by amputating the top of a cat’s toes. That means bone and it means cartilage and it does not mean trimming anything.

The made-up description of the declawing device in the title to this post was made by Robert M Miller DVM. He is a cartoonist, speaker and Veterinary Medicine Practitioner Board Member. He is also, in my opinion, a nasty, insensitive, commercially orientated, objectionable, unthinking veterinarian.

He thinks he can joke about the instruments that veterinarians use to mutilate cats for their owner’s convenience. There is no medical benefit in declawing a cat. All the benefit is for the cat’s owner and therefore the process is entirely in breach of the veterinarian’s oath. We all know that except the vet.

The reason why Dr Miller invented these silly made up words was because he was complaining about a quoted $1000 fee by a local veterinarian for declawing a cat. He thought the fee was exorbitant (it is) and therefore he felt obliged to make the equipment, used to carry out the operation, sound exotic to justify the exorbitant fee. Big joke. Ha Ha Ha.

The reason why Dr Miller wrote an article (here is the link) about declawing is because a relative of his wished to declaw their cat. They have an eight-month old neutered male cat. Dr Miller, in his infinite wisdom, says that the entire family had scratch wounds on their hands and while he was there the dog suffered a bloody nose. He suggested declawing their cat’s forepaws. I wish he had suggested something far more wise and sensible, namely how his relatives should handle and care for their cat properly.

Clearly these people haven’t got the first clue how to handle a domestic cat properly and by the sound of it they are getting scratches because of mishandling and because, quite possibly, their cat is stressed and anxious due to a poor environment. If a cat owner gets scratched it is their fault.

However this cartoonist vet, who, incidentally, should stick to cartoons and stop mutilating cats, simply does not see the logic of that simple and far more humane advice. The quick, cheap fix is to mutilate the cat and ignore what the cat’s caretaker can and should do to avoid scratches, which incidentally is extremely easy to do.

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The Onychectomizer or Partial Digitalectomy Severance Device — 13 Comments

  1. This is SHOCKING from an ex vet tech who packed in her job because of being forced to participate in declawing:

    ‘This was never intended for use as a surgical instrument and not able to even be autoclaved due to their construction. Some vets (such as the board certified feline specialist I had the misfortune of working for) don’t even bother to change the guillotine blade for every surgery, because a new blade costs a few cents…so lots of times, it might even be *dull* and it’s NEVER sterile’

    I asked her permission to share it without revealing her identity.

    • Thanks for publishing this quote, Ruth. It is shocking but in some ways it is not surprising to me bearing in mind the attitude of a veterinarian who does declawing in the 1st place. I will see if I can do an article on this.

      • Thanks Michael, it might convince some pro declaws into realising that declawing vets don’t care about cats, only the money they can make from mutilating them.

  2. I’ve seen that picture before and it filled me with revulsion then as much as it does now. Its just so cruel and crude! If that was used on a person it would be in the setting of a torture chamber.

  3. Well, isn’t Dr.(I mean butcher) Miller just frigging special?
    He was able to destroy the the natural life of cats in 20 minutes.
    Anyone want to take a guess at what I could do to him in 20 minutes?
    Why don’t we have lynchings anymore?

    • What is also shocking is the vet who charges $1000 per declawing. Why is that? Does that mean, I wonder, that in the area where he operates vets don’t declaw cats and therefore he can charge more because people are desperate to have it done. I have no idea. But the price is far higher than normal.

  4. What a despicable man that vet is, having a cheap laugh at something that causes pain and trauma for the rest of a cat’s life, I despise him for this and for what was done to the kitten. Everyone who gets themselves a kitten ands up with a few scratches on their hands at first and mostly through their own fault by playing with the kitten with their hands or too roughly. I dread to think what caused the dog to get it’s nose bloodied but I very much doubt the kitten would have struck out for no reason. The family all sound like idiots that shouldn’t be trusted with a kitten or cat, or even a dog for that matter. The vet is a disgrace and should be boycotted by all decent pet owners.

    • Its jsut so dissappointing that people in positions of trust who we think we can trust abuse it. This is just so horrible and really still cant understand why these vetertains have such powers over there. its very dissappointment 🙁

  5. I think we need to start getting violent. You know – threats – fear – loathing – all of it.

    These vets need to pay hard for what they have done and do.

    I would LOVE to use that machine on one of them.

  6. Brilliantly written Michael, I knew you’d make a good job of it, no one can write anti declaw articles on the butchering vets as good as you do.
    My first thought was what had the family and the dog done to the poor cat, 8 months old, barely out of kittenhood and mutilated for life, he was probably only playing as young cats do.
    That evil vet should have advised the stupid family to play with him with toys, not with their hands and to stop the pesky dog from shoving its nose where it shouldn’t!
    I’d like to get his instrument of torture from him and shove it deep and hard where the sun don’t shine!

  7. Brutal instrument of torture and destruction.

    This MUST be stopped! We must fight hard to get declawing made illegal once and for all.

    Thanks for your article, Ruth- written with great passion and love.

    • lol Jo I only passed the link from Jennifer on to Michael, I didn’t write this, I knew I couldn’t do it as good.

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