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The Origin of the Lolcats and Cat-blogs — 5 Comments

    • I think the longevity of the genre tells us about our relationship with the domestic cat. However, I still believe it is a fading fad.

  1. Hi Dan, thanks for sharing. However, I think you’ll find the lol cats genre goes back to 1870!

    Which begs the question why people like to add humorous words to pictures of cats.

    It is fun but one aspect of it that I don’t like is that it demeans the cat. The genre does not really respect the domestic cat. Not quite for me.

    Also the genre is dying out. The cheeseburger site gets less than half the number of visitors it got at its peak and the original lolcats site has dived. The owner wanted to sell the site about a year ago.

    It has to fade away due because it is a fad and all fads and fashions come and go.

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