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The Original Cat Fancy Cat Bible. The Definitive Source for All Things Cat — 13 Comments

  1. It has to be a bit compromised, doesn’t it?

    I am so looking forward to obtaining a copy, either way. I respect Sarah Hartwell highly for not only her scientific mind, but also for all of the work that she has done fostering. As a layperson, I very much look forward to the book’s publication.

    • We all know that it will be a little bit askew from what the three authors would have as a single, solid entity. And that is okay; we are all capable of reading btwn the lines. Thank you, Michael, for giving us the heads up. Look forward to the other authors input as well!

  2. Congratulations Sarah.
    I just read Amazon’s full description of the book, and it sounds like it is jam-packed with all things cat.
    What I liked most about what I read is that it’s a pretty easy read for those of us who aren’t experts and the content would appeal to any cat lover.

  3. Considering my part was written well before Harvey got in contact with me it errs towards the fancy version. That’s the problem when there are lead times. With other breeds, such as the Singapura, I had a chance to address the folklore. However, paper media can’t keep pace with electronic publishing.

    • Ah..that is a good comment. Sarah is very scientific but…I bet it is somewhat compromised. I’d be interested in knowing what Sarah has to say. It may be rather conventional and far too orthodox for you Harvey.

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